Patronymicon (Swe) - Prime Omega

Released 4.September 2011 on Blackcrowned Records

Don't let you be mislead by the fact that this is labeled black metal, 'cause this is so much more than the typical you hear today,this has soul & feeling,it's a great combo of brutal & epic black metal in it's own unique way & the vocals & guitars impresses me very much at times here.
The album builds up nicely with some sick & geniuos riffs slowly in the background for this is more mid-tempo,excellent blended with som raw parts with some great guitar riff & solos that does not hurt at all.
It's black metal played in the old vein,but this is not a clone or something,Patronymicon deliver their own unique blend of top notch black metal.
This is an album that grows each time I listen to it & even though it's a raw atmosphere throghout the album they manage to build great melodies & captures the listener at once I would say!
I have to admit I'd never heard of this Swedish band until Blackrowned recs sent me a copy & I'm glad they did!
If you want quality,look no further!

Blackcrowned Records

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