Cultfinder - Black Thrashing Terror

TBR : 14 August 2012 By Eldritch Lunar Miasma

These UK thrashers stunned the underground with their demo in 2011 (now sold out)
and as soon as this record start spinning I can hear why,this is a great mix between black/thrash at it's best it's fast dirty & in your face thrash with influences form the old days.
Cultfinder is one of the best new acts I've heard for a long time in the thrash genre and I'm very eager to hear more from this killer band. Do not miss out on this excellent 3 track 7" 'cause this is what thrash metal is all about! It's hard to sit still during this record & I just love the drums & vocals on this release.
Be sure to order your copy before it's to late 'cause this is exactly what the title says Black Thrashing Terror!!
As said before I don't roll the dice,but if I did it would be 6/6 without doubt.
So just stop reading & listen to this monster instead!!

For press inquiries :

You can now pre-order our 7” Black Thrashing Terror, released 14th August, by emailing

£6.66 will get you the exclusive 7” + woven logo patch deal, £5 for the standard 7”.

Place your orders now! Both options as well as single patches will be available from our BigCartel store once we receive our copies.

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