Morbid Execution - Vulgar Darkness

The Polish death metallers is back with a new full lenght named "Vulgar Darkness"
To me this was a positive surprise as I've not heard their earlier releases.

What you get here is primtive mid-tempo death metal with a very organic sound that suits the album perfectly!
Not like the typical overproduced death metal of today with loads of blastbeats & 180 BPM tempo all the way.
It's melodic,dark,ugly & at he same time they got a very nice groove trough out the wole album.

The vocals are more harsh than growly I would say.
I get a nostalgic feeling when listening to this & that's probably because of the splendid sound on this album.
I also have to mention that this "Vulgar Darkness" probably have to most necro cover of all the albums I've reviwed.
The melodies are very catchy & simple and easy to like ,so I see no reason to not check out this album!

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