Legacy Of Emptiness - Legacy Of Emptiness

Genre: Symphonic Black/Pagan Metal
Country: Norway

This Norwegian band took me by surprise as soon as I started listening to their album witch starts out with a "John Lord" sounding intro!

They deliver solid metal with very powerful synth parties that gives me an epic/medieval feeling at times blended with great guitar solos.
The synth parts can at times remind a bit of Nightwish beautiful compositions,but besides that there is no similarities and this bands stand on their own musically.

A very uplifting album this is and the more I listen the more I like it! They have some descent ambient parts as well,just listen to "Valley Of Unrest.
Poweful & majestic compositions at it's best,the tempo varies trough the album some are slower and the faster reminds more of synth based black metal.

I have to state that I like the slower songs better,since the compositions is easier to hear on these,that beein said I cannot really find one negative aspect on the album except maybe it would be nice if they had used the clean vocal more.

Even though I've heard several attempts of trying to create what these guys do,this does not get boring at all and the sound is top notch!
So I suggest you check this album as soon as possible if you like a solid dose of athmosperic & uplifting metal,not sure if uplifting is the right word in this category,but who cares?

Vinyl Can be ordered here :

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