Agael / Lebensnacht - Split

Naturmacht Productions July.19.2012

 Agael rose from the ashes of Skepsis and Demento as a solo project in 2008 & has released one album before named "Hybrid"
Lebensnacht also started in 2008 ,but was never really active until 2011.
They play "ambient black metal" with dark and bright themes.
Agael plays very melodic mid-tempo what I would call maybe progressive as well as ambient.
It's a very relaxing & warm feeling when listening to this record.
The guitars build nicely up & creates a nice soundscape, I love the sound of the guitars on the acoustic parts especially.
They use some vocal samples that fit's nicely into the music & the synth is blended nicely in the tracks without overdoing it. The electronic parts is also a very tasty adding.
This is very nice & relaxing to listen to and they for sure manage to take me away a while with their haunting and monotonous guitars. Even though tsome tracks are 6-7 minutes they feel shorter.
Both bands have pretty much the same style,but Lebennacht lends bait more towards metal with their screamy vocal & guitar sounds.
Personally I prefer Agael as they don't use that much screamy vocals as Lebensnacht witch I don't think fit into the whole package but besides that it's a great record and would advice you to check it out,cause they are onto something great here and when the record stops one yearns for more!

Agael FB Page
Lebensnacht FB Page

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