Lysbryter - Kjetting Og Spiker/Lysbryter II


Black Metal,Norway

I decided to take both releases in one review,so here we go...

Lysbryter has been around in the underground for some years now but is still an unknown name to many. 
Two demos have been released so far "Kjetting Og Spiker" & "Lysbryter II"

This guy is a total maniac both personally & musically,he spends a lot of time in his basement making a very dark & sick form of metal.

Some of the tunes are very slow with chanting/growling vocals,it's impossible for me to not think of old Blasphemy (Can) and Beherith (Fin) when I hear this. He's also managed to create a chaotic/cold soundscape that you don't hear often these days.
Brutal,noisy organized noise is what we get here!
With the second demo "II" he impresses with much better sound quality,production,the vocal are now pitched up a bit,also the tempo. The guitars & melodies are now easier to hear.
This is not bad considering it's a one man project and Noprideinlife Records have now signed him for a full length which was about time since I'm eager to hear what this man is capable of producing in the future! Actually you can order it there now. Just press here
Personally I like both demos,but it's hard to compare them to each other,since it's almost like two different chapters. It's one of those releases you just have to hear for yourselves 'cause it's hard to describe the music. 

Besides this he is also doing the vox for Vithr witch should be known to most of you.

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