Night Terrain (US) - The American Dream

Self-Released Released 24th July

Night Terrain is a post-metal band based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, featuring a sound
that is equal parts space rock, doom metal and stoner rock. The riffs go from slow, sludgy and
droning to uplifting, manic and even face melting. Night Terrain's mission statement is to make
music that expresses our understanding and experience of the human condition. Our music
should appeal to just about anyone with a shred of humanity while sticking true to its rock and
metal roots.

This album blew me totally away when I got it with it's genious compositions and arrangements this must be one of the most beautiful instrumental albums I've heard in ages.
Night Terrain can be categorized as experimental metal and they certainly know how to do the job flawless.

It's a totally unique album with a very warm athmosphere and delightful guitars served here it's easy to fly into another world while listening to this one,the music is mostly slow guitar based with nice & heavy melodies wrapped with spoken samples and FX to make an outstanding athmosphere and a psychedelic feel to it.

This is a what I would call an easy listening album,it suits for almost every occasion.
I find it hard to believe that this band is not more known than it is for it's brilliant stuff they make!

These guys are not comparable to any other band I've heard,they totally have to own way of making splendid arrangements! The only band that comes to mind when listening to this is Pink Floyd probably cause "The American Dream" have the same big compositions and a warm athmosphere as mentioned above with delightful guitars and a soundscape of their own you slowly drift away while listening to this record as they manage to make an ambient feeling throughout the whole album.

Witch i think should be listened as a concept album.
I'm quite happy and delighted at the same time since it's finally one of thos albums I can easily hear again..and again without getting tired or bored and not have to force myself to listen to it.

Even though there's no vocals on this relese I find no deadlights here, and I'm already eager to hear more from this band!
   If I had to roll the dice here it would land on a strong 6 out of 6 without doubts!
10 tracks of quality music! Nothing more to say really.
So go grab a copy of this or buy it online and support true quality!!

 Copies of American Dream, along with a stream of the title track, are available at

Digital copies of the release are up for grabs at

Stream the entire album here :

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