Frenzy - Odd Sun - Review

My first reaction when checking out the ODD EP by Polish stoner rockers Sun Frenzy: “I didn’t know that there was a desert in Warsaw...” Because this is some seriously good stuff!
Not that this record is anyway groundbreaking. Far from it even. Just listen to those riffs that sound like a sandstorm. The droney solos. The bigger than life drums that are not only the heart of the songs but also the feet. That howling voice that can call coyotes. The songs that sound like huge jam sessions, fueled with some shitty weed and ice cold beers. The tones, the riffs, even the drums and vocals are all very reminiscent of Kyuss, the legendary, most influential band to have ever walked out of the Californian desert. But let’s say that imitation is the best form of flattery and get on with the review. Still, writing this band off as a blatant Kyuss rip off wouldn’t do this trio justice because these cats know how to fuckin’ groove and swing. Sitting still to this record is not an option. At moments like on the opener “Hacked and Jammed”, “Emerald” and closing track “Watchers of Tomorrow” they groover harder than Kyuss did on most songs. This, dear reader, is a party record deluxe. The soundtrack to a hot little room where the entire audience is soaked with sweat, everybody stinks, everybody is thirsty but nobody wants to leave the party even at the risk of a heatstroke
Other than that, there is not much to say. This record is about as straight forward and in your face as they come and that in itself is worth quite a lot. Sun Frenzy didn’t set out to record the new “Dark Side of the Moon” or “Blues for the Red Sun”. No, they just 
entered the studio to lay down some grooves that are fun, loud and prone to get them booties shakin’. I can do nothing but praise this uncomplicated approach.

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- Ivo VirusWithShoes - 

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