Dehuman (Ger) - Black Throne Of All Creation

This band delivers death metal the way it was done back in the 80's reminding a lot of Death & the vocals reminds very much of John Tardy (Obituary)
It's sometimes like a plain copy of early Florida death metal bands with the structure and guitar riffs.

But despite the things mentioned above Dehuman actually delivers a good album if you want another old school  sounding album in your collection.
The album overall is good and has it's highlights and you get descent guitar solos,the typical drums sounding with Morbid Angel anno "Domination" era feel to it.

Even though the album is professionally done & pretty good at times I feel like i sit left with a Morbid Angel,Death,Obituary clone and it's like they are not trying to hide it either cause everything is so predictable especially if you listened to Tampa,Florida death metal in the early 90's you'll know what I mean.

Im' not saying it's all bad,they could have come up with a bit more of their own ,since I feel I've heard this SO many times before,and it's nothing I can find to is unique to this band alone and it becomes somewhat boring if you leave the "nostalgia" part behind there is nothing special about this excerpt some good melodies in between.

It's kinda hard to say anything more about this one than if you love early Florida based death metal
you'll probably love this,but if you're looking for some progression,this is not it.
As said above it's not a bad album music wise ,but the references/links to other bands here is TOO obvious in my ears.

To sum it up shortly this will probably appeal to old school worshippers or new fans of death metal.
In the future I think they should concentrate of creating something of their own instead of following an old musical path that has been done too many times before without their own twist on it.

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