Rattenfänger (Ukraine) - Episolae Obscurorum Virorum

The album will be released in late October/early November of 2012 by Dark Essence Records.

Prepare yourself for a dark & ugly journey into Rattenfanger's musical landscape as dark death metal is what you get here with deep growly vocals and compositions alongside with with some synth that suits the production very well.This is death metal they way it should be,deep,dark and haunting with groovy riffs that will drag you down towards a dark path while listening.I have to give this band credits for not playing 180 bpm all the way,rather concentrate on groovy riffs and a great vocal.This takes me back when I started listening to death metal. With the gloomy synths in between the tracks and their unique sound.At times this has strong doom influences ,but overall I would say this is very dark & brutal death metal.I could go on about this album as it is a lot different from loads of todays DM albums luckily and this is totally worth checking out if you're looking for quality in this genre.8 tracks of quality music for dark minds,simply nothing more to say!

The track list for “Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum” is:1. Coelo Affixus Sed Terris Omnibus Sparsus – intro2. Grimorium Verum3. Victa Lacet Virtus4. Nunc Scio Tenebris Lux5. Allegoria De Gula Et Luxuria6. Clausae Patent7. Deest Remedii Locus, Ubi, Quae Vitia Fuerunt, Mores Fiunt8. Regno, Regnavi, RegnaboThe album was recorded the spring/summer of 2012 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and produced by Rattenfänger.

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