Trillion Red - Two Tongues Ep 2011

Released: Apr 15, 2011
Label: BadGod Music
Trillion Red Home
This release came as  a surprise to me. It took a while before it started spinning in my player,but when it did I had a good time and still do while listening to it.

It's hard to categorize this as they've managed to blend a very good mixture here.
Imagine 70's distorted guitars kinda like the one on Virus & psychedelic riffs & a delightful groove ,chaotic breaks ,intense vocals.

What could go wrong? Well,nothing.. These guys really knows how to tune the guitars to a new level and credits has to be given to the drummer for an extremely good job!
The music is very catchy and progressive,that being said this beats the shit out of most of the so called "progressive" bands I've heard in a very long while.
The manage to blend the greatest from the 60-70's psychedelia and combines it with more modern rock/metal.

Trillion Red is for me one hell of a good rock band with psychedelic influences and a very original approach.
This music demands nothing from the listener at the same time as it demands a lot. 

An album for every occasion,but to get the full experience lean back and enjoy for you're in for one hell of a ride and to be honest this goes right into my top 10 list for the last year (That is if I had one )

This label surely know quality and have a wide range of musical styles so be sure to check it out.
A new album "Methaphere" is now released as digital,cd & vinyl will come.
Do not miss out this album cause this is a fucking must if you want a brilliant original record witch is highly addictive! And also reminds me there is still hope...  For music.
Do me and the band a favor and buy this if you like 'cause this is something I want to hear more from!

Safe As Fuck!

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