Blodtokt (Nor) - Eg Vil Tilbake Til Mennesket 2012

These guys play a mix of metal,rock & punk.
The music varies between mid-tempo and fast and quite melodic tracks.
The major thing that separates Blodtokt from other metal bands is their vocals witch has a somewhat powerful theatrical feel to it and you can actually hear what they sing on some tracks and it's like they are "shouting" the words the way norwegians did it many years ago.

And it's the first time I've experienced these types of vocals in metal.
Most of the tracks are quite melodical folk inspired tones with simple but good riffs while some are more fast forward with a more metal feeling.
It has to be said that they have their own thing here.
They also use some synths in the background witch suits nicely into the soundscape.
"Eg Vil Tilbake Til Mennesket" is a quite good debut album,the only negative aspect I can come up with to be picky is the vocals that can become somewhat monotone at times.

I think with some progression this could be something more.. There are some good ideas here witch hopefully will be developed.
I would like to hear this band with an even more powerful sound and more edge to it. Besides that "Eg Vil tilbake Fra Mennesket" has potential and time will tell us where they're headed.
Worth checking out if you're into folk/pagan inspired metal.

The CD is still available I think so if interested contact the band for more info.

Blodtokt on : Facebook

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