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Beneath is a list of worthy releases from 2012 that I didn't have time to write about,so instead I will put them up here with a short note and a score from 1-6. This list will be updated eventually when I have time.

Maelstrom - It was Predestined

Genre : Metal, Hybrid, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Epic, Cinematic

Label : Itchy Metal Entertainment

This is one of the better heavy metal releases that arrived last year,this band delivers heavy metal with thrash & old school influences.
Very catchy and good melodies well worth chekin' out!

Maelstrom hompage


Tsar Bomb - Neonwarfare

Genre :Black/Death Metal

Record Label : BadGod Music

Tsar Bomb Home Page  

Fast and furious black/death metal but at the same time melodic.
Overall a very strong and good album from these guys with catchy riffs & hard hitting tracks.



Trillion Red - Metaphere

Band Website

Label : BadGod Music

I wrote a review of this bands EP "Two Tongues" and personally this is one of my favorite albums of 2012.

They play dark avantgarde metal with a very industrial sounding edge to it.
It's hard to describe this album in short sentences so I suggest you read my review of their ep. 

I can only add that this full-lenght continues in the same direction and probably better than the previous release. 

A very atmospheric and entertaining album taking the listener to another world for a wile.
I suggest you put on your headset or turn your speakers to the max to get the full effect of this beautiful piece of art!

Simply a must have! 


Tormention - Hunger For Flesh

Genre - Death Metal
Label : Godeater Records
Official Homepage

A darn good and very addictive death metal album.
This is an album I listened alot to this winter and still do.
There is nothing more to say really,swedish death metal at it's best! 


Suture - Skeletal Vortex

Genre : Death Metal
Label : SFC Records

Grinding & brutal death metal is the keyword here I think,not really my favourite type of death mtal,but it's impossible for me to not like this album as it's very catchy and nicely done.
For those of you who didn't know this is a re-issue of the album with better sound quality.


Sublevels - Eo Abyssvs Occvltvs EU

Genre - Extreme Deathcore
Label : Self Released?
Official Website

Their first and hard hitting album with cool hocks and breaks.
Pretty cool drumwork on this one,the band reminds of an angrier version of Pantera allthough this can't really be compared to them except the some of the vocals remind me of them at times.
A good & listenable album even though this is not my favorite genre I can listen throughout the entire album as I find it 'entertaining'with it's surprisingly coming atmospheric breaks and a very good album overall.
A track to mention is 'Hanged From Medulla' a really cool track witch shows what this band is all about.
So it's for sure worth cheking out!


The Gates Of Slumber - ...The Awakening (Reissue)

Genre : Doom Metal
Official website 

Another reissue here,but this time its doom/traditional heavy metal we're talking about.
This album was previously released in 2004 and has now been reissued.
It's doom the traditional way with a sound that makes you wonder if it was originally released in the 70's beacuse of the 'fuzzy' sound... In a good way this is.
I didn't hear it the first time it was released so to me it's 'new' .
To be honest I find it repetitive at times ,but at the same time a good album if that's possible to say.
Overall the album the album is good with some unexpected breaks and a very dynamic feel to it,actually sounds like they've recorded it live in the studio.
But to sum it up it doesn't reach my top ten last year.
Listen and judge for yourself.


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