TITLE : The Rites of the Black Mass  
 LABEL vicrecords RELEASE 23 February 2018
acheron cover hi res.jpg
 ACHERON was founded in 1988 by vocalist/bassist/songwriter Vincent Crowley (formerly of Nocturnus). After three demos they recorded their cult debut album ‘Rites of the Black Mass’ in 1992 at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns (Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse etc). This debut album re-issue is completely remastered by Tom Palms (Phlebotomized). Artwork and booklet are entirely restored, the booklet contains extensive liner notes  / intie by Wannes Gubbels from Pentacle  / ex Asphyx / ex Soulburn with bandleader Vincent Crowley. The 2 track promo 1990 is added as bonus.
ACHERON is a true Satanic Black/Occult Metal 
I remember reading about one of their three first demos in ORCUSTUS ZINE who¨s editor is the mighty Faust, EMPEROR drummer and also in THORNS.
I ordered The Rites Of The Black Mass after reading an interview by

_--==(Luciferian Light Group) ==--_

The members of the band where at the time  afflicted with Luciferion Light Group and were all full-worth members of the above mentioned chrurch.
it is for those of you who haven¨t heard this, I write what I do.
ACHERON impressed me very much with it,s dark haunting atmosphere all over.
Youy kinda get the feeling of being in hell when the church bells ring and the brytal black/death,ish armageddon begins.
At first you might think it sounds chaotic but everything is calculated to give the listener the right aatmosphere from the brutal to the dark insane aand twisted breaks with a vocal thats sounds like telling your last faairytale bebore death.
Dark sinister black/death metal performed the classic way and should be in every collection. 
Personally I think ACHERON got way too little attention, maybe not so strange since the norwegian scene was chaotic at the time with church burnings etc,the foreign bands was overlooked or forgotten by those not into the scene who always knew that there were black metal from all over the world and still is...

The Rites Of The Black Mass is A Classic Piece Of True Satanic Oldsschool Satanic Art. Delievered From The Masters Of The Black Arts.

Recommended as fuck! This is a piece and a gem of the black metal history and should definately be listened to before you open your mouth about it, the demos nand the 2 track EP is also included.


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