STONE MAGNUM, have returned once again...

 STONE MAGNUM From Time...To Eternity Details revealed
Michigan City Indiana's Dictators of Doom, STONE MAGNUM, have returned once again with their sophomore album entitled "From Time...To Eternity" featuring 7 new tracks of Doom Metal. "From Time...To Eternity" was recorded, mixed & mastered by STONE MAGNUM at Bruised & Battered Studios in Michigan City, Indiana and is set to be released on June 28th, 2013 by Rest In Peace Records. This release marks the first time that new vocalist Nick Hernandez (ex-Dysphoria, ex-Kommandant) & new bassist Ben Elliot (ex-Afterlife, ex-Lordes Werre) will appear on a STONE MAGNUM full length. A preview for "From Time...To Eternity" can be viewed at the following location:
STONE MAGNUM released their self titled debut album exclusively on 12" LP early last year also on Rest In Peace Records.
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Stone Magnum - From Time...To Eternity Preview
Stone Magnum - From Time...To Eternity Preview
Cover Art & Tracklisting
1. From Time...To Eternity
2. Lonely God
3. In Tounges They Whisper
4. The Gallows of Ohrdruf
5. By An Omen I Went
6. Uncontained
7. In The Garden of Beasts
Dean Tavernier - Guitar
Brad Toth - Drums
Jim Brucks - Lead Guitar
Ben Elliot - Bass
Nick Hernandez - Vocals
Formed in the Fall of 2010, Michigan City, Indiana's dictators of doom, Stone Magnum, erupted onto the Northwest Indiana/Chicago heavy metal scene with their blend of traditional, hook laden doom metal, and have been regarded by many as one of the premier doom metal bands in the Chicagoland area. Stone Magnum offers metal music that is traditional, powerful, and timeless in appeal. With influences from legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Candlemass, and Pentagram, Stone Magnum offer a powerful live experience to compliment their no frills studio works.
In January 2012 Stone Magnum released their self titled debut Vinyl Full Length with Chicago's Rest In Peace Records, and received high acclaim from the doom metal community. Now in 2013 Stone Magnum's much anticipated 2nd hard hitting album, "From Time...To Eternity" is being unleashed on the metal scene, again through Rest In Peace Records.

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