AMONG GODS: A monument in the work!

AMONG GODS: A monument in the work!
We are happy to report that Norway's dark sons of doom AMONG GODS re-signed with PRC MUSIC for the band's anticipated album number two.
Entitled “Monument”, the new album is a 45 minutes long opus into heavy, dark and doomy old school Death Metal, somewhat similar to the band's self titled debut released earlier this year.
Here is what PRC MUSIC owner Rémi Côté had to say about the band's new aterial:
“I was blown away by the rough studio cuts I have heard of the new album, the music is darker and dare I say more melodic while keeping a gloomy, desperate feel to the general aura of it all… The vocals are amazing! I'm a fan of SYRACH and Ripper's voice is unique! I can't wait to plunge into the whole thing. I am very happy to be working with these guys once again!”
AMONG GODS are currently putting the final touch to the new recording and making plans for a full blown European tour and yet another release, a limited edition 2 songs 7" EP.
“Once again AMONG GODS will crush the earth via PRC Music. “Monument” will gather the black souls and we'll march towards doomsday!” (Lars – AMONG GODS)
“Monument” is scheduled for february 25th 2014 and will be available on CD and in Digital.

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