APOLOKIA -Kathaarian Vortex Review

Title: Kathaarian Vortex
Style: Black Metal
Format: CD
Label: My Kingdom Music

Country : Italy/Norway

I took a wild guess here as I've never heard about Apolokia but was up for some black metal so I gave it a try.

After listening to the two first tracks it's pretty obvious what these guys try to imitate.
Musically and sound-wise it sounds like they went in the studio and asked for the same sound 1349 has on their 3 first records.
But the producer seems to fuck it all up as the sound is so sharp and noisy that my ears/head can't/won't handle it for more than a short period.

Musically it's for me very boring as all the songs go by in the exact same tempo more or less,of course with hyper blast beats.
The riffs/guitars is pretty monotone as they at times disappear due to the horrible '92 sound they want so badly.

The vocalist sounds very similar to those Attila did on his first album with Mayhem along with some backing vocals which is ok.
On the top of it all there is some well known & used Charles Manson samples.
Overall it quickly becomes boring,monotone and predictable.

This is not something I would recommend to my worst enemy!

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