Pagan Blood (France) - Lords Of The Seas,Review

Pagan Blood (France) - Lords Of The Seas

Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions. 2013

This band was formed by Julien previously Heathen Dawn and Hoarfen back in 2007 and released their debut 'The Last Empire' on 2009.
Their second album 'Lords Of The Seas' is now released by Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions.

'Lords Of The Seas' contains 7 long lasting tracks of pagan/black metal.
At first I found it to be way to repetitive and monotone but after some more listens I have to admit it's an overall quite good album,it's not original in any way though,but that's not always the point if you ask me.
The music is mostly mid-tempo with a very melodic approach and is has a very melodic and atmospheric touch to it.
The album has it's highlights in between ,but you might have to listen to it a few times for it to reveal itself and when it does ,you sit with a quite enjoyable album.

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