Pitch Black Mentality (Nor) - The Pitch Black Reality (Review)

Pitch Black Mentality (Nor) - The Pitch Black Reality early/mid 2014

This is my first meeting with this norwegian band and I have to say they give me a good impression after first listen!

The first thing that strikes me is the incredibly energy and very catchy thrash/heavy melodies/riffs these guys play, and the vocals are impressive, it sounds like they have spent some time with the production as everything sounds very professionally considering it's their debut album.
The tracks are a wonderful combination of newer and older thrash and there is no doubt that these guys know how to entertain the listeners ears.

At times I find myself nostalgic while listening as it takes me back to an era thrash was very important in my life.

Pitch Black Mentality's music have what it takes to reach out to more than just the hardcore thrash heads as their music has a wide specter and 'The Pitch Black Reality' is without doubt a fresh breath to the norwegian & worldwide thrash/metal scene.

Being a debut album 'The Pitch Black Reality' sets a high standard for future releases to come and most important for themselves.

This is an album you don't wanna miss out on!

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