Hellpath (Brazil) About to release their first EP

All of a sudden I got a message from William Da Cruz ,the bassplayer today with some info and a video from their upcoming EP and I have to admit that the track became an instant classic more or less.
I listen to a lot of music these days,but this one immediatly caught my interest after 20 seconds of listening and this is a band I'm eager to hear more from! 

It will come with a guarantee that says"if your head don't bang to this you'll get your money back"
If this doesen't bang your head then what do?


Hellpath is a southern Brazilian Heavy Metal band with guttural vocals. Since 2006 composing its own songs. The band is formed by Tadeu de Oliveira and Richard Felix on the guitars, Thiago Müller on the vocals, William da Cruz on the bass and Rodolfo Pacheco on the drums. Hellpath is currently in studio, recording its first EP which will have 4 songs out of the 11 made by the band throughout the years. According to the band, "the songs are fast, agressive, melodic and with good riffs". The lyrics travel between social issues, politics and religion, and sometimes playing with
morality. The first song recorded, called "Liar" is already available for streaming, and is where you can feel the heavy tunes, and listen to the tradicional influences of heavy and death metal.


Thiago Müller - Vocal
Tadeu de Oliveira - Guitarra solo
Richard Alexsander - Guitarra base e backing vocals
William da Cruz - Baixo
Rodolfo Pacheco - Bateria 


Please note that the money back guarantee was just a joke! (ed.)

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