Debut EP from American Orthodox Black Metal entity AZERINE out on hand made Cassette.


AZERINE's Throne ov Perdition Out Now.


Without fear I took my first step upon the planks of the bridge. As I continued, I gazed into the empty abyss beneath which I was crossing. With each step forward the shackles of ignorant docility eroded into fine dust. The fires, which engulfed the bridge, although scorching my flesh, began to fill me with a warm, liberating, and enlightening power. Azerine is an Orthodox Black Metal project created and solely performed by a very young black magician known as Tempest. He is a Kaos worshipper who does more than showcase impressionistic songs about his perception of the void, but truly creates nexions with his slithering guitars and rabid drums. His vocals are of a snake that swallows dagger and never stops until it utters all the words necessary to become the black athame.

The 18-minute EP is a traditional black metal recording of the highest order. The production is raw but very originally calm and opens the gates for black rituals. The acoustic dynamics are beyond what most bands dare to explore nowadays with the guitars growling from the dungeons of temples of which the strong drums are the altars. Calm yet menacing with shivering rhythmic insanity and melodic evil. The blackness reigns with all the different components of the music chains itself together into walls of candlelit atmosphere. Together with blood spewing vocals of utter gnostic trance, this album is a very well executed ode to the 80s rabid black metal demos in that it gnaws the very essence of them both artistically and spiritually. Something most bands think they chirp about, but this band outdoes.

As with his work on all Merdumgiriz releases, each Throne ov Perdition Tape is handmade by Emir Togrul (YAYLA, ViRANESiR, BLLiiGGHHTTED); who cuts and paints every unit and makes everything from scratch, so as the shirts and patches with are hand-painted with uttermost devotion to the cause of the artist.

Here is your link to stream and download the album:

Throne ov Perdition
Celestial Serpent
Darkness Unparalleled
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