Debut full length collaboration with American Psychedelic Black Rock band GRIMMDRASIL out on hand made Cassette.

GRIMMDRASIL's Hybernium Out Now.


Thoughts images and emotions occur in a fevered brain; A bleak reverie. The realization of the momentum of disillusion. Torpid illusions of the slowing down into entropy… Grimmdrasil started in late 2004. The album Hybernium was recorded in 2005; it was not released until April 1st 2015. It is experimental alienation in the form of music; with black metal, Progressive, and Experimental leanings.

The experimental psychedelic and psychotic dark rock of Grimmdrasil is like no other. An album sitting in the vaults for more than a decade is unlashed onto the world in tape format by Merdumgiriz Records. Strong drums make the backdrop for extremely distorted but warm guitars and extremely psychedelic synthesizers. The sometimes clean, chanting, distorted vocals spread desperation on walls of upbeat highly groovy but altogether encapsulating and oppressive wall of very inspired modern form of metal. This album is more than a fine addition to Merdumgiriz Records’ roster of insanity, it is a blight upon the world made by a truly talented and concentrated hermit influenced by The almost absolute crushing meaningless of daily life; the absolute absurdity of it as well. This is far from your typical loner metal album; it is a really well produced and executed original world of psychedelia and black rain.

As with his work on all Merdumgiriz releases, each Hybernium Tape is handmade by Emir Togrul (YAYLA, ViRANESiR, BLLiiGGHHTTED); who cuts and paints every unit and makes everything from scratch.


The Wines of Silenoz
Cold Exits

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