Hades - Almighthy Pyre Era, Black! Review

1. Pyre Era, Black!
2. Funeral Storm
3. Bound

I was excited what to expect when I heard of the return of Hades Almighy,mainly 'cause it's impossible what to expect from those guys after 14 years of silence.

When listening to the title track 'Pyre Era Black' which for me is an epic & beautiful hymn to the gods!
The use of synths just helps building the genuine feeling that these tracks make, the vocals are extremely well excecuted by Ask Ty (Kampfar, Krakow) .
Listening to this three track teaser from their up-coming album TBR 2016.
All the tracks on 'Pyre Epic' are overall very epic and paints a perfect picture of what we can excpect in the future of this great band and 'comeback'.. One hell of a comeback that is!

Jørn Inge - Guitar, bass
Remi - Drums
Ask Ty - Vocals

Photo credit: Christian Misje


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