Helheim - raunijaR - New album 4th December

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4 December 2015
The Norwegian viking metal titans Helheim returns with their eight album this winter.

It's 4 years since the release of  the critically acclaimed Heiðindómr ok mótgangralbum, and the band has spent the past few years experimenting and building on their unique take on the viking metal genre. On raunijaR, the band is completing the Åsgards fall story, as well as completing the line of Helheim tracks which has followed them since the beginning.

Vocalist and bassist Vgandr comments:
"Lets begin with the opening track Helheim 9 which is the last in the line of the Helheim tracks where Hrymr in particular has been the creative force, combining his unique creativity and symbolism which overwhelms all previous parts resulting in an honourable closure.
The title track raunijaR is a continuation from Helheims Heiðindómr ok mótgangr, unrelentlessly driving the confronting yet familiar black metal sound in the vein of Dualitet & Ulver. Aasgards fall part 3 and 4 will be the final and vital link to the completion of the MCD Aasgards fall both lyrically and musically. Completing the album is the solemn track Odrwhich gives the album the worthy and grandeur ending it deserves."

This time, Helheim has brought in Pehr Skjoldhammer (Alfahanne) as guest vocalist on Helheim 9, and again, they've brought in guest musicians on violin, piano and horns to create the epic sound on the album. Vgandr has also expanded and perfected his clean vocals, which gives a new element to the Helheim sound.

Helheim is building further on their dark and heavy atmospheres, andraunijaR is an epic masterpiece!

1. Helheim 9
2. Raunijar
3. Åsgards Fall III
4. Åsgards Fall IV
5. Odr

Line-up:Vgandr – bass, vocals
H’grimnir – guitar, vocals
Hrymr – drums
Noralf - guitar

·         Eight album from Helheim
·         raunijaR is an epic masterpiece!
·         With guest vocals from Pehr Skjoldhammer (Alfahanne) and William Hut
·         Recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studio with Bjørnar Nilsen, mastering done by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved)
·         Tours and festivals will be announced
·         Ads in all relevant press

Photo credit: Mathis Backe

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