Gravebreaker - Sacrifice - Review

Old School Heavy Metal Swedes GRAVEBREAKER released  their debut album Sacrifice December 16 on Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint)

Just by looking at the cover,band name & title I somehow know i'm in for something old schoolish.
And boy was I right, let's jump back to 1981-83 since '81 was the first that came to mind when listening to the music and production.
This is tradidional heavy metal with an incredibly sounding 80's sounding production to it and I guess that's the purpose to.
Very primitive fantasy lyrics as far as my ear can tell about killing demons, kings and shadows etc.
I'm not sure what to think of the synth and especially the synth intro to the track 'At The Gates Of Hell' as it honestly sounds like they have tried to copy the synth sounds used on the untouchable track 'Mr.Crowley' by Ozzy Osbourne'
I'm not sure what the synths here is supposed to do 'cause for me they make no sense to me really.
When arriving the fifth track 'Violent City' I'm about to turn the record off, but this track seems to be the best so far 'cause nothing have impressed me so far, it's too much cliches and maybe a bit too traditional for my taste.
Seems like it's become a trend the last years to play oldschool metal of all sorts not just heavy metal, but if you're gonna do that at least deliever an album that would have rocked in the 80's as well. I'm afraid I have to say that this wouldn't be anything special for me even as the heavy metal kid I was in the 80's. Then again I wasn't really into traditional stuff like Saxon and the likes. Wasp,Ozzy Osbourne,DIO,Iron Maiden,Motley Crue and such acts was more my style.
I really tried to find it entertaining but this became too predictable and boring for my taste and lacks any real highlights. If only the rest of the album was more like 'Violent City' and 'Pray For Death' this could have been something,sadly it ain't and I'm left with a rather mediocre album.
Die Hard fans of old school heavy metal should probably check it out though, but for me there are better alternatives.

Invasion (US) Destroyer Of Mankind - Review & Info

Abyss Records 

17 February 2017

Invasion is a new experience to me and what enters my ears is relentless quality death metal made in the US.
The lyrical and musical influences are World War II and it's cool how they use the samples in the music
It's been 6 years since their last album, since I haven't heard their previous works I can't compare this album to pre-releases though.

I have to admit that'Destroyer Of Mankind' executes brilliant with good melodies,killer riffs and nice samples in between and overall quality death metal, the only thing that worries me if it's going to be boring and/or montone throughout the album like many albums sadly do, and most of us want quality not just one good track.
As I have listened to the album a couple of times I don't have to worry about that anymore.

'Destroyer Of Mankind' is a rock solid album that runs through you like a bulldozer killing all enemies in it's way.
 A very powerful aand crushing album in every way and I'm sure that even if it's early 2017 this album will be remembered for more than a year.

Absolutely worth cheking out if you're into pure but brutal death metal
Salute to Invasion for releasing 'Destroyer Of Mankind'
I would easily buy this record if I found and heard it in a recordstore to put it that way

This brutal and uncompromising release demonstrates INVASION’s vicious blitzkrieg and wages battle with new members Dan Klein (drums) and John Hehman (lead guitar), while main songwriter/lyricist/guitarist Peter Clemens continues his obsession with World War II.  Peter had this to say about the band’s activities leading up to the recording of Destroyer of Mankind:

"It's been almost 6 years since ‘Orchestrated Kill Maneuver’ was released on Rotting Corpse Records, and it's been somewhat of a frustrating endeavor.  We lost original drummer Dave ‘Ross’ Cady in early 2014 and had auditions for the vacancy, which led to more delays, but in the end we acquired Dan Klein (FIN/NOCTURNE) on drums and lead guitarist John Hehman (YEAR OF DESOLATION).  Plus we teamed up with SEA OF TRANQUILLITY/SCREAMKING guitarist Ralphael Hernandez who played on the ‘Berserk Artillery Barrage’ CD from 2001, so things have been moving forward."

Asked about his switch from guitar to bass, Peter stated "I'm an average guitar player so I had no problem handing guitar duties to John Hehman.  He's an excellent musician with a good ear, and teaming up with him to work on the new INVASION recordings was an obvious choice.  John pretty much helped lay the groundwork for the recordings in his studio (Broken Toe/Bang Recordings) and things turned out great."

"From Above Merciless Death Now Rains On Your Fucking Parade"

Swedish death/crust band HENRY KANE premiere new track at Toilet ov Hell

Toilet ov Hell (US) premiered an exclusive HENRY KANE track over HERE, calling it "superb crust-infused death metal". This is HM-2 driven madness with the intensity of grindcore. Initial feedback to this release has been great -

- "This is officially the first album to make it to my contenders-for-best-of-2017-album-list" - Wonderbox Metal (UK) 

- "Even your worst nightmare couldn’t produce something so a nihilistic!" - Ramzine (UK) 5/5!

- "certifiably insane" - No Clean Singing (US) 

- "essential album to have in this new year" - Head-Banger Reviews (US) 

- "harmonious marriage between Scandinavian death metal and crust" - Metal Na Lata (Spain) 8.5/10 

HENRY KANE (Sweden) - 'Den Förstörda Människans Rike' LP (February 20th, 2016)

Genre - Death Metal/Crust
Release Date - February 20th, 2016
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of - Skitsystem, Nihlist, Dismember, Entombed, Carnage, Nasum, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death

From Jonny Pettersson of WOMBBATH comes HENRY KANE, a ferocious slab of crusty Swedish death metal like no other. Rarely before has death metal been so vigorously channelled via the template of crustcore, leaving it infected with rabid fervour few can muster up the courage to withstand. This not only blends genres but lends to it an atmospheric quality fostered by an emotional undercurrent. Amidst slabs of cascading concrete, you have faint but poignant melodies making an appearance, changing the landscape of this expression. Nostalgic yet amplified to modern day aggression, HENRY KANE is the future of Swedish death metal and crust, a marriage made in a perfect post-apocalyptic world. 

Track list: 
1. En själ till salu
2. Svarta tankar
3. Skuld och begär
4. En grav av ångest
5. Är din botten nådd
6. Dragen i skiten
7. En längtan
8. Den förstörda människans rike
9. Flaskan var din sista vän
10. Bön för bön
11. Kära bror
12. Bara hat
13. Lögnens svarta ögon
14. Det var inte ditt fel
15. Vinst eller fölust 

Line up: 
Jonny Pettersson - Everything 

HENRY KANE Bandcamp (Pre-orders are ON!)


Transcending Obscurity Official Site

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Many thanks!
Kunal Choksi

Label owner/Editor/PR Head

Transcending Obscurity Records release schedule (early/mid-2017) - 

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DRUG HONKEY (US) - Cloak of Skies (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
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URSINNE (International) - Swim With The Leviathan (Death Metal Supergroup)
MRTVI (UK) - Negative Atonal Dissonance (Experimental Black Metal)
NORSE (Australia) - T.B.A. (Dissonant Black Metal)
SOMNIUM NOX (Australia) - T.B.A. (Atmospheric Black Metal)
MINDKULT (US) - T.B.A. (Doom/Stoner Metal)

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Video premiere: ROT "Uncertain Future"

'Uncertain Future' from ROT's 'Old Dirty Grindcores' 2xCD.
Available on Give Praise Records, Karasu Killer and Power-It-Up.
Purchase physical CD here:
Digital Download available here:

--> See Video Here <-- i="">
CONCRETE JELLŸ signs with Sliprick records!

Italian hard rock band Concrete Jellÿ (yep, that’s a funky “ÿ” going on – not a mistake) were founded in 2014 in Trieste. The forthcoming album Getting Noticed was recorded live in the summer of 2016 and the inspiration for the story-line came from the many good (and bad) things experienced during their relentless live activity both offstage and on. The sound of the album is the result of the different influences within the band members, ranging from the spaciness of 70’s rock to prog rock and everything good in between. In the end, Concrete Jellÿ are just a bunch of friends, who like to have fun and take nothing too seriously. At least nothing except the music!
Getting Noticed will be available in all the usual formats from Sliptrick Records on February 7th, 2017
Band links: Facebook | Youtube
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Lavadome Production to Release EPOCH's 'Sacrosanct' on CD

Lavadome Production to Release EPOCH's 'Sacrosanct' on CD

Lavadome Productions has announced the forthcoming release of the CD version of Sacrosanct from Death Metal band EPOCH on January 31, 2017.  The album was originally released on digital format in 2015. Stream new track "Altered States" and pre-order Sacrosanct at

Though your initial musical impressions of Sacrosanct may seem immediate and obvious, repeat listens will reveal layers deeper than expected and nuances only apparent with time invested in the journey. The Death Metal of Sacrosanct shall become a cold razor, slowly cutting through your veins. You will feel the hot blood scorching the skin freezing as life will be escaping your flesh, while your breath will fade into the somber infinity of nothingness...somewhere in a desolated, dark place full of concrete shades clashing upon your desperation.

As hot-blooded, so deadly cold.

"Altered States" promo video:

Track Listing:

1. To Datechon, ho Katechon
2. Vision Absolute
3. Altered States
4. Nine
5. Ichneumon
6. Hangman Paradox
7. Fear Ritual
8. Sacrosanct

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REMINDER - 2017 Armstrong Metal Fest Early Bird Pre-Sale Tickets On Sale Now! Ending Feb 1st

Montreal, QC - January 2017
REMINDER - 2017 Armstrong Metal Fest Early Bird Pre-Sale Tickets On Sale Now! Ending Feb 1st

Promo Video - 2016 AMF Free Digital Sampler -
(over 90 minutes of headbanging tracks from bands on the 2016 line up)

Armstrong Metal Fest, one of Canada's best metal events held in the Okanagan valley in Armstrong, BC will be ending their early bird pre-sale weekend passes on February 1st for their 2017 line up that will be announced at a later date. Weekend passes are currently available for $90 CAD with camping included. After February 1st, weekend passes will increase to $120 CAD for regular pre-sale and will be $160 CAD at the gate. Day passes will be available at the festival gate only for $70 CAD. Camping is an additional $20 CAD for day passes per night. Please visit the following link for details and purchase: 

For the last 8 years, Armstrong Metal Fest has been showcasing a high caliber of Western Canadian metal along with international touring acts. Last year's 2016 line up, their largest year for music and attendance included headliners Beyond Creation, Dayglo Abortions, Unleash The Archers, Archspire, Rivers of Nihil, The Zenith Passage and more. 
Taking influence from Europe's music festival circuit, Armstrong Metal Fest is a heavy metal celebration that encourages metal heads from across Canada and the globe to mosh and camp with the backdrop of great outdoors of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. What started as a backyard party in 2009 with nothing but eleven local metal bands such as Terrifier, Xul and Odinfist to name a few, has grown into a a huge success admired by the Western Canadian Metal scene. 2016 was the eighth year of the festival and was its largest year for music and attendance. Previous years of the festival have seen line ups with Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation, Anciients, Bison BC, Striker, Crimson Shadows, Holy Grail, Archspire, Cryptopsy, Unleash The Archers, Divinity, Into Eternity, Ninjaspy, Vesperia, XUL, Odinfist, Death Toll Rising, Gomorrah among many others.
For more info, please visit 
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This is absolutely fascintating! Progressive tech death from down under but the whole album with a theme on Japanese folk horror. Unpredictable and littered with atmospheric parts, this is something that must be looked into. Stream the album in full HERE

THE RITUAL AURA (Australia) - 'Tæther'  

Genre - Technical Death Metal
Release Date - November 11th, 2016
Record Label - Lacerated Enemy Records (Czech Republic)
For fans of - Wormhole, Blade of Horus, Necrophagist, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Psycroptic

THE RITUAL AURA have gone from strength to strength and after putting out a couple of titillating songs under the guise of an EP earlier in the year, they have finally unleashed a magnificent and ambitious beast of an album. Unlike most other albums of this ilk, this one covers a lot more ground and yet remains very well balanced and conceptually delves into ancient Japanese folk horror. The are numerous songs but the album doesn't lose momentum and in fact exudes a wonderful mystical vibe and makes the affair more intriguing than it normally is. 'Tæther' is a brilliant album and I daresay one of the best of its kind to be released in recent times. 

Track list: 
1. Tæthered Betwixt / Hearthless 00:48 2. Ghostgate 06:26 3. Until Absence Confides Eternal 03:17 4. Te-no-me 04:53 5. Hitodama / Like Fiery Lanterns 02:47 6. I Am No Longer I? 04:06 7. (i) That I May Cease To Be 01:03 8. Mononoke • 一 • A Grievous Betrayal 01:49 9. Mononoke • 二 • On Wax Wings Ablaze 03:08 10. Mononoke • 三 • The Burden Of Worlds 02:14 11. Mononoke • 四 • Dirge Of Impermanence 04:07 12. Kage no Yamai / Shadow-Sickness 07:26 13. Kitsune / The Fox Fires 05:05 14. (ii) Earth Their Bones Left Hallowed 01:04 15. In Our Hearts 04:58 16. Yūrei no Umi / A Sea of Ghosts 04:25 17. A Farewell To Being 14:43

Line up: 
Darren Joy - Bass
Adam Giangiordano - Drums
Levi Dale - Guitars
Jamie Kay - Vocals
Matthew Gedling - Guitars

Label owner/Editor/PR head

Transcending Obscurity Records | PR Company | Online Magazine (est 2005) /