Gravebreaker - Sacrifice - Review

Old School Heavy Metal Swedes GRAVEBREAKER released  their debut album Sacrifice December 16 on Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint)

Just by looking at the cover,band name & title I somehow know i'm in for something old schoolish.
And boy was I right, let's jump back to 1981-83 since '81 was the first that came to mind when listening to the music and production.
This is tradidional heavy metal with an incredibly sounding 80's sounding production to it and I guess that's the purpose to.
Very primitive fantasy lyrics as far as my ear can tell about killing demons, kings and shadows etc.
I'm not sure what to think of the synth and especially the synth intro to the track 'At The Gates Of Hell' as it honestly sounds like they have tried to copy the synth sounds used on the untouchable track 'Mr.Crowley' by Ozzy Osbourne'
I'm not sure what the synths here is supposed to do 'cause for me they make no sense to me really.
When arriving the fifth track 'Violent City' I'm about to turn the record off, but this track seems to be the best so far 'cause nothing have impressed me so far, it's too much cliches and maybe a bit too traditional for my taste.
Seems like it's become a trend the last years to play oldschool metal of all sorts not just heavy metal, but if you're gonna do that at least deliever an album that would have rocked in the 80's as well. I'm afraid I have to say that this wouldn't be anything special for me even as the heavy metal kid I was in the 80's. Then again I wasn't really into traditional stuff like Saxon and the likes. Wasp,Ozzy Osbourne,DIO,Iron Maiden,Motley Crue and such acts was more my style.
I really tried to find it entertaining but this became too predictable and boring for my taste and lacks any real highlights. If only the rest of the album was more like 'Violent City' and 'Pray For Death' this could have been something,sadly it ain't and I'm left with a rather mediocre album.
Die Hard fans of old school heavy metal should probably check it out though, but for me there are better alternatives.

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