'Don't Forget The Business In The Music Business' Author Posts 3 Tips To Schedule Time For Success

'Don't Forget The Business In The Music Business' Author Antonio Ponce Posts 3 Tips To Schedule Your Time For Success

‘Don’t Forget The Business In The Music Business’ author Antonio Ponce has posted a new blog on tips on how to budget time, the most precious resource for an artist.

"Most people have no idea where their time goes. These same people will tell you they have no time. If they were to document what they did last week, hour by hour, I bet they would be surprised to see where their time goes. Most people are busy to be busy doing things that are not moving them towards achieving any goals. If you are not scheduling your time with purpose, then you will stay stuck." says Ponce.

'3 Tips To Schedule Your Time For Success'the blog mentions tips on how band should organize their time towards the things that will really move them forward such as marketing, engaging fans, networking and more. The blog entry can be read at the following link: 

recently released his debut educational music business book 
‘Don’t Forget The Business In The Music Business’ to enable up-and-coming bands to ascend the ladder of success, in his own words, it’s a “lean valuable quick simple guide.”. 
The book is based on his band's experience from playing his first show to six months later being invited to play a festival in Tokyo, Japan. The book is a great starting point for those interested in the business side of the music industry. Think of it as a quick business foundation musicians can use to get things going. 

Ponce explains: 

“I would have loved to have this information when our band started. There were so many unanswered questions that took years of searching and experience to learn. If this book had existed back then, we could have leaped over the fire instead of trying to walk through it! I know a lot of new and current bands stuck on the ‘what to do next?’ question will find value in the book’s contents. I hope this book is a tool musicians can use to help them get into a position to get to the next level and notice what we were able to do as an unknown band and that they can do it too!” 

'Don't Forget The Business In The Music Business' is now available both digitally and paperback on Amazon here and AP Jones Publishing here

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