PESTIFER's 'Execration Diatribes' Streaming in its Entirety

PESTIFER's 'Execration Diatribes' Streaming in its Entirety

Portuguese DM trio PESTIFER have joined forces with Decibel Magazine for the exclusive premiere of forthcoming album Execration Diatribes. Death comes streaming at:

Lavadome productions are proud to announce another outburst of massive Death Metal destruction in the form of Execration Diatribes, the debut album from PESTIFER.  The album contains nine raging compositions of the finest Death Metal havoc and will be released on February 14, 2016. New song "Mars Exult" is now streaming at the following location:

The legacy of albums like Hell AwaitsMorbid VisionsI.N.R.I., Black Force Domain has been channeled through Execration Diatribes in the purest form and at ultimate intensity.

Death Metal has been waiting for an album like PESTIFER's Execration Diatribes since the beginning of the century. The wait is almost over. Wrathful legions of the apocalypse will rise again and destroy!
"There must be something in the water Pestifer's been drinking. Something that lends the Portuguese trio the ability to rip and shred through their debut album, Execration Diatribes, with ferocity."
- Decibel

"Congratulations to Pestifer for delivering the first great death metal album of 2017. The bar has been set!"
 - Brutalism

"Nine tracks of brutal intensity interspersed with numerous catchy/thrashing riffs and some fantastically whimsical touches."
- Moshville Times

"These Old School maniacs have no goal but to satiate the bloodlust of Death Metal's most dedicated fans."
 - No Clean Singing

"Bringing the death metal hard and raucous are Portugal's own Pestifer who are looking to make your love life much more aggressive and heavy this Valentines Day."
 - Musicology

Pedro Silva - Guitars and Vocals
Jorge Marinho - Bass
Diogo Pereira - Drums

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