Brazil's DISTRAUGHT New Music Video 'Dehumanized' ft. HIBRIA Drummer Eduardo Baldo

Brazil's DISTRAUGHT New Music Video 'Dehumanized' ft. HIBRIA Drummer Eduardo Baldo

Brazilian thrash metal masters DISTRAUGHT have released a new music video 'Dehumanized' featuring HIBRIA drummer Eduardo Bald in support of their latest album ‘Locked Forever’.

Watch 'Dehumanized' at

distraught - dehumanized

‘Locked Forever’ was inspired by the book 'Holocausto Brasileiro' and was recorded at Monostereo studio with production done by Renato Osorio (Hibria), mixing by Benhur Lima (former Hibria) and mastering by Adair Daufembach. The cover was made by the artist Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Machine Head, NervoChaos, Astafix).


1. Between The Walls of Colônia
2. Lost
3. Locked Forever
4. Dehumanized
5. Brazilian Holocaust
6. Shortcut to Escape
7. Blacktrade
8. The Blind Vision of the Enemy
9. The Last Trip

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