Henry Kane (Swe) "Den Forstordan Manniskors Rike" Album Review

Release date 20.February
Transcending Obscurity Records (India)
Genre : Death Metal/Crust/Grind

Meet Henry Kane "Den Forstordan Manniskors Rike" Swedens new bully that will run over you with a bulldozer and leave you there!
Henry Kane plays death metal which is crusty and in your fuckin' face.
It's cool that they sing in their native language, it gives the whole thing more punch and power & irony,lyrically.
If there is something Henry Kane does not lack it's energy, the album start of with a relatively 'calm' track, then on the next it's like being run over by a bulldozer.
'Er Din Botten Nådd? Are you rock bottom? It's so full of energy and intense you have to check yourself, did I just shit myself, maybe not that litterally, but you get my point.
"Den Forstordan Manniskors Rike" has it all , good vibes,makes you want to pop a beer and also maybe smash someones face, luckily the album calms down.

A very entertaining album even though it might be too much for someone, I find it very amusing and listenable, Sweden has certainly raised some good bands lately Alphahanne etc, and now Henry Kane...
This is going to be a big band , they have all the right ingredients for a good album and have something unique of their own, that's for sure.
Crusty Death Metal with a good dose of brutality and humor and morbidity and what do we have? Henry,fuckin'  Kane of course!
If you like Death metal with special ingredients and grinding you should check out this album.
This is a love hate thing, either you do or don't, as simple as that!
As for me personally, this is something that probably will be in my Collection some day. 

Tracks to download : Det var Inte Ditt Fel,Skuld Och Begær,En Grav Av Ångest,Er Din Botten Nådd,Den Forstorda Manniskans Rike.

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