Incantation - Profane Nexus - Review

Incantation has been around for many years and featured in Skullfukker, I have no releationship whatsoever with them though, as I sit on my iMAC this is good music to listen to,not bad at all.
Technical at times boring death metal is what you get, it's so polished and predictable. Oslo Gospel Choir would almost be better, only almost fool..
I'm sure incantantion fans willl love this album as it's well done,but thrythfully I find it boring,yeah..That's the word.. .
...And honestly the album is quite groovy and good, but I've had non-stop metal on my ears now, actually some good releases this time, but it's always better to buy and listen to own albums,but who am I to complain. I've choosen this or I can quit now, so ( shut up ) ed !

incantation-profane-nexus-2017-700x700.jpg Recorded at the band's own Incantation Studios in Johnstown, PA and mixed/mastered by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Asphyx, Dark Funeral), Profane Nexus is perhaps the finest example of pummeling death metal and disemboweling funeral doom ever conceived.

As expected, INCANTATION have taken steps to ensure that the musical malevolence contained within 'Profane Nexus' is matched by its visual depravity. To achieve this, they've enlisted the talents of Israeli artistic maestro, Eliran Kantor. The cover art, aptly-titled 'Draping The Tar Monster', was birthed following the ingestion of the album's lyrical themes, as Eliran recently revealed to And Justice For Art...

Profane Nexus drops August 11th on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records. pre-order

1. Muse
2. Rites Of The Locust
3. Visceral Hexahedron
4. The Horns Of Gefrin
5. Incorporeal Despair
6. Xipe Totec
7. Lus Sepulcri
8. Stormgate Convulsions From The Thunderous Shores Of Infernal Realms Beyond The Grace Of God
9. Messiah Nostrum
10. Omens To The Altar Of Onyx
11. Ancients Arise  

John McEntee - Guitar, Vocals
Sonny Lombardozzi- Lead Guitar
Chuck Sherwood - Bass
Kyle Severn - Drums

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