3rd Attempt - Born In Thorns . Review

Label : Dark Essence
Release Date : 1.December 2017
First of all let's make it clear that 3rd attempt is a totally new experience to me, I'm not familiar with their previous works. Simply because I knew they were going to rise from the ashes of Carpathian Forest with well-known names as guitarist Tchort (Green Carnation) who has been in the scene since the beginning of days, with Bloodpervertor (Apostasy) Vocalist Kaahrl Ødemark (ex-Midnattsvrede, ex-Necrocave) and drummer Tybalt (Fortid, Den Saakaldte) came on board, and the band quickly released their debut full-length album "Born in Thorns"
The ig question here is : Can they rise as high as Carpathian Forest did without Nattefrost & company ?
 I guess that's what most people wonder and myself aswell 'cause as I start listen there is a certain similarity to Carpathian Forest, that does not have to be a bad thing though.
It still sounds thrashy,filthy and like it's inspired by Celtic rost and earlier bands.
The first thing I notice is the synths which seem to play a greater part now as it all sounds more majestic than Carpathian did, and I'm not sorry for comparing 'cause it's imposible not to do so.
Honestly they have taken it a step further without being a parody who could have gone totally wrong.
I have to admit I miss the grimness of especially Nattefrost in the band even though Karl does a pretty fuckin' good job and there is no doubt that these guys know how to handle their instruments.
But as a unity they give me nothing at all sadly, and I was pretty open minded just listening to this one so I have given it a fair chance and listened throughout the entire album. I can't really come up with one positive thing to say about it really. 
It was a bummer really 'cause I was hoping for some good black metal, but the creative & musical       side fails to amuse my mind and this will shortly be forgotten.                                                                
The sad part is that Carpathian should have been left dead to be brutally honest, this is just a boring attempt, yeah, maybe the 3rd, but the boring attempt to create 
and live on a nostalgia and black metal feel that is long gone.
That is the feeling I'm sitting left with, it's like , fuck ! Where is that magic that once was so great?...
Maybe the 3rd Attempt?...
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