Nocturnal Torment

Nocturnal Torment (US) ¨They Come At Night¨

Relesed on Dethgasm Records Feb.09 2012

Style : oldschool death metal

This is one of those releases I enjoy from the second it start spinning.
Nocturnal Torment started up in '88 but went in various directions to concentrate on other projects.

Luckily they returned again with one hell of an album and nothing is left to chance here! These guys surely know how to create dark death metal with simple but genious riffs,also there is a lot of thrash influences here. Picture yourself listening to one of you favoutite underground death/thrash metal bands in late 80's or early 90's.
This is the feeling I get when listening to this masterpiece.
The vocals are dark but not too growly & fits the music perefct.
What I also like about this record is that they've managed to keep the "dirty" sound throughout the whole album so it doesent sound as overproduced as many of todays DM bands.
This is ugly raw in your face death metal the way it should be.

I don't usually roll the dice,but if I did it would be a strong 6(66)

Highly recommended!

Tracklist :

1.Vile Affliction
2.Alternative Reality
3.Cycle of Life
4.Fresh Flesh Fetish
6.Sweet Decay
7.Forever Eternal Darkness
8.They Come at Night
9.Primordial Existence

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