ION VEIN - IV v2.0

Mortal Music is pleased to announce that Chicago-based metallers " is the next release in its DR (digital release) series. Commented the band: “We’re ecstatic to present this next “chapter” of songs to you, as we feel it will further help you to see and understand the vision and direction that we have for ION VEIN so enjoy!”  

Mortal Music 
Release: 11 December 2012
Scott Featherstone - Lead Vocals

Tracklist :
2.Fools Parade
3.This Is Me

A wise person oce said " The only constant in this world is change", and after releasing two albums 'Beyond Tomorrow' and 'Reigning Memories' they were face with some of the biggest change in their career ... The search for a new vocalist.
Mostly because of the new material they eventually realised they needed a new one and the original Russ Klimczak was replaced by Scott Featherstone. 

After that and some other replacements and some minor issues "IV" was back stronger than ever!

As for now ION VEIN will only release chapters digitally to introduce you to their music,but there will be a full lenght in the future for those who still collect records.

I have no doubt about this guys and their job as musicians, and let's not forget quality music!
What's not to like about this release... It's classic heavy metal combined with thrashy guitars.
It's impossible to not get nostalgic when listening to this as this brings back memories from the glorious days of the 80's when pure traditional heavy metal & thrash was on top.

The tracks on "IV v2.0" surely manage to amuse my ears and impress with catchy hooks & splendid riffs and overall guitarwork.
The drums are very variated and focus alot on rythm whitch makes my head move along.
The two first tracks is more fast forward while they on the third track show a more 'soft' side with a more melodic approach and the vocalist do a great job here.
The last track on this is my personal favorite and I hope to hear more in the same veins as it sounds very dynamic and 'alive'
The music itself is very dynamic compared other releases today,but there's probably a reason why the band call it 'Live in The Studio'.

I have to admit that after only listening trough this 3-4 times I want more,and luckily there is more on the way. 

The band says this release and v1.0 is released to help you see and understand what vision and direction they have for ION VEIN.
And they are surely on the right path in my ear.

Because that's what  Chicago-based metallers ION VEIN is all about.
The songs were produced/engineered and mixed by Neil Kernon (NILE, NEVERMORE, QUEENSRŸCHE, REDEMPTION), who also contributed the main guitar solo in Seemless, and mastered by Alan Douches, both of whom worked on the “IV v1.0” release as well.

Highly Recommended! 

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