Masteriis - Dødsdom EP

Masteriis was formed late 2009, by Ramnsvarturh(Vocals) and Morphanus(Guitars/Bass). Drums by Masteriis.Ramnsvarturh usually do the lyrics, while Morphanus make all the riffs. They work out the final results together.
The members have been active in various bands since the mid 90's.


This two-piece band was unknown to me until I got in contact with one of the band members who sent me the 4 track EP 'Dødsdom' witch is cold and harsh 'in your face' black metal.
But they do leave room for more calm and atmospheric parts at times witch is good or else this could easily become boring very fast.
Even though it's nothing original,I have to admit I like this band as they deliver good black metal blended with with some nice acoustic guitars on some of the tracks.
Most of the lyrics are in Norwegian and suits the music well.
The overall impression is good as they manage to make cold and well played black metal in the traditional Norwegian style.
That being said,I have to say that at times it reminds me of things I've heard before,but with so many bands today,that's not necessarily a negative thing.

Masteriis deliver 4 tracks that stand on their own feet and speak for themselves,and as I listen the music reveals more for each listen.
A bit more variation wouldn't hurt though,but besides that a descent EP.

Well worth checking out.

Masteriis FB

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