Arvas (Nor) Into The Realm Of The Occult

Release dates : 29.11.2013 USA & UK, 02.12.2013 EUROPE

Arvas has just released their second opus named 'Into The Realm Of The Occult'
If you heard their debut  Blessed From Below...Ad Sathanas Noctum' released 2009,
this is a big step forward in the right direction for the band.
V-REX: Guitars - Bass - Vocals

This time with some 'small' line-up changes , Bloodlust on guitars so that main man V-Rex could focus more on the vocals. Otherwise I think it's the same studio line-up at least on this album. If I'm not wrong V-Rex has decided to do all the instruments himself for the 3'rd full-lenght.

Their debut was good ,but somehow I felt like it was too polished and 'out of the book' when it came to playing also very predictable at times which ended up with fewer listens than the average album.

On the new one though,they have a much more solid sound and a more agressive approach which fits the band very well.
At first listen you might think that this is nothing special ,but I promise that if you give this album a chance and have a few more listens a whole new world (of darkness) will reveal itself slowly which for me is a good thing as I get more entertainement for the money.

Musically they have much more variation than on ther debut and even though it's harder and more agressive this time they have left room for some good melodies in between.
'Into The Realm Of The Occult' contains much more thrash elements than before and as said this fits the band perfectly.

The vocals are overall more agressive and the drummmer is drumming like never before
and all of these elements has results on the final impact of course.
In my opinion this is by far their best so far and if they continue this way we have surely have something to look forward to.

Highly recomended !

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