Blastfest is soon here.. That should probably lure some of you out of the crypts..

At the peak of the summer festival season, one particular festival has only just begun to make its first announcements. Opting to bring a legion of the worlds finest extreme metal to the masses in the heart of winter, it can only be one such festival we’re talking about...


Held in Bergen, on the beautiful west coast of Norway and filling the gap left in the wake of Hole In The Sky; Blastfest was put firmly on the map when it played host to bands such as Hypocrisy, My Dying Bride, Triptykon, Aborted, Vader, Marduk and many more in February 2014.

Just days after the extremely successful first instalment of Blastfest, 19-21st February 2015 was announced as a day metalheads worldwide should mark in their diary and today we can unveil the first round of band announcements for the festival 2015.

Catering to the black metal purists, Tsjuder are the first band to be welcomed to the Blastfest 2015 lineup; a band that still tends to that first blaze in the northern sky!


For their debut show in Norway and their second show ever, legendary Swedes Craft have been invited to Bergen and will no doubt turn the earth into a raging blaze with their misanthropic rock and black metal!

A second dousing from the other side of the Norwegian/Swedish border; Alfahanne are coming with their amalgamation of punk, black metal and general darkness, alfopocalyptic rock!

Treading further down the already pitch-black path set by the first three bands, Blastfest have delved even further into the darkness with the self-proclaimed doomsday elite, Sarkom! And judging by their most recent album ‘Bestial Supremacy’, they are indeed black metal elite.

Den Saakaldte
With a name drawing on inspiration from eclectic cult group Ved Buens Ende, Den Saakaldte will be present in Bergen for what shapes up to be a pure holocaust for the senses! Mind you, this band is comprised of members that have also been part of stalwart acts like 1349, Naer Mataron, Dødheimsgard, Pantheon I, Nidingr and Koldbrann. Beware!

With all this black metal it of course wouldn’t be a proper Blastfest without some death metal and Blastfest are indeed very keen to provide death… the brutal way! Asphyx, the cult death metallers from The Netherlands will be returning to Bergen for the first time since 2008. Expect classics and top picks from the latest album ‘Deathhammer’!

Impaled Nazarene

Finnish Armageddon death squad: Impaled Nazarene! Some bands are cult acts, Impaled Nazarene are one of those. They have not set foot in Bergen since their completely crazy performance at Hole in the sky in 2002. Now they are coming back with their original pig rig, goat perversion and motorpenises!

For the first time ever in Bergen: Esoteric, the classic and critically acclaimed UK funeral doom/death metal act will bring their paragon of dissonance to the Western shores of Norway. This will be the perfect soundtrack to the gloom of the Norwegian winter!

Turning the Stalinorgel to a doomsday major Blastfest will be presenting Endstille! These German black metallers will engage in ‘Operation Wintersturm’ in February, no retreat, no surrender! No capitulation in 2015, not for Blastfest!

Suomi Finland Perkele! Oh yeah, there will be more Finns added to the 2015 edition of Blastfest. Baptism are coming with their grim arts of melancholy.

Last but not least, in the world of up-and-coming extreme metal acts one such band that should be on everyone’s radar is Bölzer. These Swiss metallers just showcased themselves at Maryland Deathfest, and in February they will be in Bergen!
Blastfest will be held 19-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.

ABSTRACTER's Tomb of Feathers available on 12" vinyl LP

ABSTRACTER's Tomb of Feathers to be released on 12" vinyl LP on April 15

France's Trendkill Recordings, Germany's 7 Degrees Records and Italy's Shove Records have joined forces to release the final and ultimate version of Tomb of Feathers, the debut album of Oakland apocalyptic blackened crust-doom horde ABSTRACTER. Finally arriving in 12" vinyl format on April 15, Tomb of Feathers was already released worldwide in September 2012 by the US's The Path Less Traveled Records in digital format, on a self-released limited edition cassette tape in fall of 2012, and once again by The Path Less Traveled Records on CD worldwide last summer.


"An impressive triumph"  - Metal Hammer

" metal in excelsis - out of this fucking world good!" - Cvlt Nation

"Absolutely IMMENSE" - Doommantia

"Amazing." - The Sludgelord

"A complete and utter shitstorm of rage. Pure, unadulterated anger and sadness" 
- The Grim Tower

With this imminent vinyl release Tomb of Feathers' monstrous and colossal analog sound destructively comes together having finally found its true home, and the band has stated that this final release version of the album represents its true and originally planned listening realm, being the work entirely recorded on analog equipment and intended to be experienced through the analog medium.

All artwork and packaging design for this vinyl presentation was crafted by Kevin Gan Yuen ( from the Bay Area's revered blackened noise cult visionaries Sutekh Hexen. Based upon original artwork by ABSTRACTER vocalist Mattia Alagna for the CD and tape version, the new artwork of this vinyl release expands further into the band's bleak musical vision and digs deeper into the album's grim subject matter of madness and despair. The LP will be available in an edition of 500 copies only, 400 on pitch-black vinyl and 100 on ghostly transparent grey vinyl.

The Tomb of Feathers 12" LP will be available through the Trendkill Recordings, 7 Degrees Records and Shove Records webstores in Europe and through Trendkill Recordings and the band itself in North America.

Stream Tomb of Feathers in its entirety at   


To pre-order the Tomb of Feathers 12" vinyl contact:

Shove Records (Italy):
7Degrees Records (Germany): 
7Degrees Records Webstore: 
Trendkill Recordings (France): 
Trendkill Recordings Webstore (France)

Trendkill Recordings Webstore:

ABSTRACTER is the latest sonic monstrosity to emerge from the gutters of the San Francisco Bay Area's enigmatic extreme music underground. Formed in 2010 and coming out of complete obscurity, these four obscure slime mongers from Oakland have crafted a debut that is both mesmerizing in its seemingly effortless ability to construct massive and enveloping soundscapes, and annihilating in it's brutal, relentless, and merciless sonic grasp on the listener's synapses. With forty minutes of music divided solely among three mammoth tracks, this bile-drenched debut is clearly a vessel for music that has at it's core the urge and primordial instinct to drag the listener into a vast, violent, and obscure world all of its own. Written in 2011 over a span of just a few months, Tomb of Feathers displays ABSTRACTER's unique sound and style of songwriting, influenced by bands like Amebix, Swans, Godflesh, Corrupted, Darkthrone, and His Hero Is Gone, and shaped by elements borrowed from a vast array of genres, spanning from black metal, to crust and doom metal, to shoegazing and psychedelic rock, to hardcore punk and noise music. The work itself is a single-themed concept album about madness and mental disease as a result of the extreme and cynical individualism that permeates humanity. Entirely self-produced and self-funded by the band Tomb of Feathers was recorded live in three days (one track per day), directly to 22 track - 2 inch analog tape by sound engineer Josh Garcia (Melvins, Dwarves). The recordings were then passed on to Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Lycus, Laudanum, High On Fire, Noothgrush, OM, Atriarch, Sleep, Worm Ouroboros, Vohl) at Hear Hammer Studios for mixing, and were then shipped to Philadelphia to be mastered by James Plotkin (ISIS, SUNN O))), OLD, Khanate, etc.).  

Upcoming live dates:

- April 22 2014 @ The San Jose Rock Shop, San Jose CA

- May 3 2914 @ The First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA

- June 8 2914 @ The Stork Club, Oakland, CA 

- August 5 2014 @ The First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA

- August 12 2014 @ The Witch Haus, Santa Cruz CA

AD PATRES Release "Scorn Aesthetics" Video via Metal Injection has premiered the video for "Scorn Aesthetics" from French death metal unit AD PATRES. The video comes just weeks ahead of the vinyl and cassette editions of the band's debut full-length, Scorn Aesthetics. Check it out now at this location.  

Originally released in 2012, Kaotoxin Records will re-issue Scorn Aesthetics on vinyl and cassette on July 8. The vinyl edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, with 100 copies in red vinyl. The cassette is strictly limited to 100 copies. Both editions will  be exclusively available from the band and the Kaotoxin Web Shop. Preorder-exclusive bundles are being offered for both formats.

For preorder information, visit:

This reissue will feature a bonus track -"To the Fathers" - taken from the band's 2010 promo that has been specially remastered at Ubik Studios for this physical support. The track features both Axel Doussaud (the band's current only singer) and Julien Lemasson (ex-I.O.S.T., former Ad Patres singer and founding member) on vocals and, being remastered, is consequently a different version from the one appearing on the band's promo CD-R and split tape with USA's Writhing as released back in 2012 (Nihilistic Holocaust).  

Scorn Aesthetics, recorded by Mathieu Pascal of Gorod at the Bud studio and released on September 2012, put AD PATRES on the worldwide map of the best Death Metal newcomers with rave reviews from everywhere and several nominations as part of end of year's top lists (2012 Album of the year at Nihil Verum Nisi Mors, 8th best 2012 album at CoreAndCo, 2012 revelation at Thrashocore, 6th best French Metal album of 2012 at Metal Sickness, among the staff's 2012 picks at VS Webzine, 9/10 by Pest Webzine, The RingMaster Review, The Whiplasher, etc.).

Blitzkrieg announce european tour dates

Blitzkrieg embark on their latest European tour this September starting in their Hometown of Newcastle on September 7th and working their way through Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.
It is the band's only tour this year and interest is high.
Everyone of course knows Blitzkrieg for Metallica covering their self titles 1981 anthem but the band have picked up many fans through their own albums; from their first, Time of Changes in 1984, to the latest release, Back From Hell, which saw top marks in all the major European and world wide press.
Blitzkrieg, fronted by Brian Ross who is also vocalist for his other cult metal act Satan, feature longtime guitarist Ken Johnson and now Brian's son Alan,on 2nd guitar .
Full dates are:

07.09.14 - UK - Newcastle Upon Tyne - Trillians
09.09.14 - DE - Hamburg - Bambi Galore!
11.09.14 - DE - Siegen - Vortex
12.09.14 - DE - Oberhausen - Helvete
13.09.14 - CH - Uster - Starclub
14.09.14 - DE - Ingolstadt - The Paradox
15.09.14 - DE - Munich - Garage de Luxe
16.09.14 - DE - Dresden - Chemiefabrik
17.09.14 - DE - Frankfurt - 11er Club
18.09.14 - DE - Obermarchtal - Kreuz
19.09.14 - IT - Bologna - Freakout Club
20.09.14. - IT- Teramo - Festival
21.09.14 - IT - Rome - Closer Club
22.09.14 - IT Milan - Rose Club
23.09.14 - FR- TBC
24.09.14 - FR- Arras - Blue Devil
Metal Nation Records
Facebook: Metal Nation Records

DESERTED FEAR Recording New Album

German death maniacs DESERTED FEAR have entered Thuringian Eisensound Studio in Eisenberg, Germany to begin work on their new, as-of-yet untitled album.  

The band comments: "It´s getting loud again in Eisensound studio! After over two years of abstinence from the studio, that we spent with playing a lot of great live shows, we are now returning to record a new record. The new album will once again contain nine neck-breaking death metal songs as well as a cool guest feature, which we will announce later. The drums are nailed down already and now we will do the guitars. Stay tuned people, we are really looking forward to present this to you!"   

DESERTED FEAR are considered one of Germany´s premier young death metal bands. The band's 2012 debut, My Empire, earned acclaim from both fans and critics worldwide.   


July 10 - 12 @ Torgau - In Flammen Open Air
July 25 - 27 @ Rohr bei Meiningen - Riedfest
August 23 @ Jena - Rock am Wehr
September 12 -13 @ Magdeburg - Metal Embrace                                                    
Manuel Glatter - Vocals, Guitar
Fabian Hildebrandt - Guitar, Bass
Simon Mengs - Drums
Albrecht "Albi" Probst - Live Bass

STEEL PROPHET Releases "Bohemian Rhapsody" Video

 US Power Metal band STEEL PROPHET has released the video for their cover of QUEEN's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Featuring footage filmed from the band's performance at last year's Keep It True Fest, the video is now playing at:

The song will appear on STEEL PROPHET's newest album, Omniscient, which will be out in North America tomorrow (July 8) on Cruz Del Sur Music. 
An album trailer has been posted at this location.
Omniscient marks the return of the originators of the 'Progressive Power Metal' movement  10 years after their last full length studio recording. It features the powerful metal melodies of founding members Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor and Rick Mythiasin.The album's concept is actually based on an original story written by STEEL PROPHET guitarist Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor. The limited edition 36-page digibook features the entire story, while the regular edition compact disc only has its introduction. Omniscient will also be released on digital and Gatefold double LP edition later this year. The album also features a cover of QUEEN's classic "Bohemian Rhapsody" which the band successfully presented  on the Keep It True Festival's stage last year. 
For release information, orders and all else in the world of Cruz Del Sur Music, visit


"It is good to see this great band re-emerge a decade from their last release and deliver such a killer return. I'm sure they will pick up some new fans and please the old ones with this powerful disc!" - [9/10]

INCANTATION Comments on Recent European Tour

US death metal pioneers INCANTATION, who just released their newest full-length album, Dirges of Elysium, have commented on their recently completed European tour.

Founder/singer/guitarist John McEntee states: "The tour was amazing. The crowds response were absolutely overwhelming. Some of the best of our 25 year career! We sold out four shows and all the other ones were packed to the gills. We sold out of CDs on the tour as well. Listenable [Records] had to do another pressing to cover the demand! I can speak for the whole band when I say thanks so much for the support of the 'Dirges of Elysium' album and our following tour. We look forward to doing more shows to play for all our supporters world wide!

Drummer Kyle Severn followed with: "Many hails to Europe for an amazing tour. Horns held high to tour mates Supreme Lord and Tomasz Reyash. And of course, to my metal brothers John McEntee and Sonny Lombardozzi. This tour was truly amazing. Thank you Europe and we'll see you again in September!" 

Dirges of Elysium was released on June 24 through Listenable Records. Album track "Carrion Prophesy" is streaming at the link below:

"It's loud. It crawls. It rips."  - Invisible Oranges

"Esanguined by the ceaseless onslaught of their peers, Incantation are, more than ever, fixated on the darkness and that slow deathward crawl to return there." - Decibel 
Dirges of Elysium and more from INCANTATION can be found at: and

Dark Descent Records Releasing Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath from UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN September 16

Dark Descent Records are proud to announce the September 16 CD release of Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath from Chile's UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, the first band's third full-length and first since 2008. The vinyl LP version will be released by Germany's Iron Bonehead Productions. Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath consists of nine blasphemous hymns of destructive and forceful death metal with nods to bands like IMMOLATION and SADISTIC INTENT. Pre-order Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath at this location.
Stream album track "The Hooded Baphomet Bleated" at:
The Hooded Baphomet Bleated
La Recta Provincia
Ceremony of Belial
Kadath in the Cold Waste
Nomen Mysticum
Spirals Of Acrid Smoke
Get in touch with for interview requests and other press opportunities.   

Rawhide - 'Murder One' CD release info & review

Bursting through a scene obsessed with rockstar imange and brainless nostalgia, Rawhide delivers a reminder that the law is rock thunder, nothing else. Infidels take cover!

Rawhide's music is like a fist in the face of todays society.
Dirty,ugly beer smelling rock 'n' roll all over the place.
It's excactly what it's all about, good music and I promise these guys won't let you down with the straighforward in your face punkish attitude and music there is certainly a bang your head guarantee label on this one, well, it should be...
What instantly enters my mind when listening to this is,

Let's fuck, let's party and get drunk like it's '95 all over again'


While excisting since 2002, this incarnation of Rawhide first saw the light of day through the two seven inch EP releses Branded For Life (Patac Records) and Built To Blow (Hellrocker Records) in 2011.

Continuous gigging and rehearsingthe following year formed and sharpened the the material of what was to become the debut album Murder One.
Recorded the late summer in Sunlight Studio, the album finally saw it's release the summer of 2013 by underground label Patac Records in a limited vinyl edition, coinciding with a string of gigs on the American east coast.
Its themes revolving around violence, drugs & murder, it's a hard hitting gut punch of true rock 'n' roll musically following an age old traditionof bar brawling, headbanging and finger flipping noise.

From the back alleys of society, through dirt, hate & broken hopes, Rawhide brings you 
  Murder Rock 'N Roll

Murder One is out now on CD through Dybbuk Records and Craneo Negro Records.

2014 Crimes in the making:

White Line & Black Hearts split 7" EP w/Panzerbastard on Unholy Records
Guilty As Charged 7" EP on Craneo Negro Records
Greetings From Hell 7" EP -  TBA
Midnight Express 7" EP  - TBA
Murder Two 7" EP  - TBA 

Contact :

RAWHIDE - Branded For Life

KEITZER Streaming The Last Defence in full, listen here!

German blast-beat lunatics KEITZER and Apoch's Metal Review are offering a limited-time, full-album stream of the band's newest release, The Last Defence. This 14 track blitzkrieg of old-school death and skin-shredding grind can be heard in its entirety from now until its July 18 release date here : 

The official video for album track "This is the Only Solution" is now playing at:
Pre-orders for the CD, bundles and limited-edition colored vinyl are now being taken at the FDA Rekotz Deathstore. For details visit  


Contact for interviews & coverage

DAY OF DOOM Announce New Guitarist

NYDM unit DAY OF DOOM have announced the addition of former Corpsicle and Sanguinary Carnage guitarist, Michael Fairlie to their ranks. Fairlie is said to bring an added dose of  old school death metal/grindcore flavor to the band's molten musical mix of apocalyptic terror.

The new DAY OF DOOM lineup can be seen below.

Rich Hervey - Drums Vocals
Doug Randazzo - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Lara - Bass/Vocals
Michael Fairlie - Guitar
Earlier this year, Lavadome Productions released the band's third full-length, The Gates of Hell on digital and CD formats. The album represents the raw, sickening, and undeniable brutality of early New York Death Metal, sending the listener back to a time when every new album sounded fresh and exciting; the sole aim to create music that delivered a punch to the face and a kick in the gut. That's the sound of The Gates Of Hell, a stab of bludgeoning, uncompromising force played with skill and passion. The cover art was conceived by the mighty Raul Gonzales.

The album is available at the following links:
CD and merch -
Digital - 

For more on DAY OF DOOM, visit

Megiddon - Past,present & Future..

Megiddon is probably a new name to most of you, and it was for me to until I received their mcd 'Ov Decay' People into todays 'modern' black metal will probably have a lot of reasons to not like this at all. I mean the world has changed.. If you go to a party with what I'd call 'normal' people they put on K.I.N.G. by Satyricon and says this is it, but if I demand to hear Triptykon or the early Satyricon albums they are like 'whatta fuck is this depressive crap' ? Not knowing that it is the same musical style/band, ironically.

 What caught my interest in Megiddon was mainly they are not afraid to play straight forward primitive metal which is a chance to take in itself musically and while they could have gone for a more 'popular' sound or genre. This shows that they don't give a fuck, and do what they feel like, not what the masses want which is excactly what Skullfukker is all about too.

If you're not familiar with the band Megiddon it's all about cold,grim and primitive norwegian metal with many similarities to early nordic black metal. 

You've released two demos so far as I know, how has the response been and are you satisfied with the results?

We have released Three demos and one Ep actually. (Sorry, my mistake. Ed)
The response has been mixed. People either like it or hate it. Both is fine by us. 

I have to ask what made you play black metal, I mean,was 'cause you thought 'fuck, let's make it easy and play norwegian black metal 'cause then we're most likely to succeed ,or are there a 'deeper' agenda behind this? 

 We do not care about being successful. We wanted to play Black Metal because the atmosphere of the music really goes along with what we want to express. Its part of our personality I guess.

Your lyrics,are they important to you? Do you put a lot of effort into it as nobody can hear what you sing anyway so, What does your lyrics mostly deal with?

 Lyrics are important to us. We write about things that we live trough and things we believe in and stand for. We write mostly about death and things beyond. Dark lyrics which fits the music.

What does the future hold for Megiddon? I know you're not psychic ,but surely you must have some ideas,goals for the band.. 

 We are planning an Ep release this year, through German DIY label; No sleep till Megiddo records. Our goal is to create Black Metal as we want it. And not follow any trends.

Have you played live with Megiddon? What's the current line-up? 

 Megiddon is not a live band. We have no plans to play live in the nearest future. But if the opportunity comes and it feels right. You'll never know..

Are there any agendas behind Megiddon? (politics,religion etc.. ) 

Megiddon is something personal to us. Megiddon consists of Christian members but it is not a "Christian band". We leave religion and politics out of Megiddon. But of course our believes and thoughts shine through in what we do. (Uhm, what? Ed.)

Are any of the members active in other bands we might want to know about? For how long have you been into the scene?

  We both play in a thrash metal band called Cyanide. Which will be playing live in south-Norway this year. Megiddon started in late 2007, and we have both played in several other underground bands through the years.

Where do you see yourself in let's say 10 years, still active?

Yes. Hopefully we have released some killer albums!

If you had to describe your music to someone not familiar with it. Please enlighten us.

True Black Metal is something you have to train your ears to listen to. Like opera, to quote Mayhem. Megiddon can be described as extreme, dark and aggressive music. With a cold atmosphere

What bands do you listen to these days and if I ask you which bands you still think deliver good black metal ,could you name some?

A.Ø. - There are way to many bands I listen to on a regular basis to mention. But In general I listen to bands from the late 80s and early 90s. Especially Black Metal and Thrash Metal. All the Norwegiands BM bands. and Slayer, Sepultura etc. These days Throne of Katarsis and Koldbrann is some of my favorites. O.K.F. - I listen to most of the metal genres, but mostly the early Norwegian and Swedish black metal. Taake, Tsjuder and 1349 are some of the best black metal bands these days. And I am of course looking forward to the new Mayhem album. 

Thank you for taking time to answer the questions & good luck with the future!


Final Gate Records - News & Updates

In august the FUNERAL WHORE / OBSCURE INFINITY - split 7"EP will be released via Final Gate Records.

FUNERAL WHORE: Oldschool Deathmetal from the Netherlands, their 2. full-length will be released 2014 on F.D.A. Rekotz,
2 brand new Songs on 7" Vinyl only!

OBSCURE INFINITY from Germany, also an F.D.A. Rekotz band, with one new song.

Other releases to check out :

Monolith / Germany with Doom-Rock 

Graveyard Ghoul/ Germany with raw Oldschool Death Metal 

Reckless Manslaughter / Germany with oldschool US Deathmetal alá Suffocation.....

The albums below are all available now -

MONOLITH "Dystopia" 
GRAVEYARD GHOUL "The Living Cemetery"
RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER - "Blast into Oblivion".