Taake - Stridens Hus - Review,info and tour dates

Taake - Stridens Hus Dark Essence Records Release : 8 December 2014 

 After the traditional 3 year wait the sixth album is complete,  as you might have noticed they released a 4 track EP named 'Kulde' recently,  which contained  the tracks Det Fins En Prins,Stridens Hus,Cold & Manndaudsvinter, the last one was something I never had expected and was my favorite way back. 
Nicely done and without loosing it's nerve.

Whilst enjoying 'Kulde' and overall satisfied with it, all of a sudden I find 'Stridens Hus' like a punch i the face, mainly because I thought I knew what to expect after listening to 'Kveld' which I assumed was a good pointer on what to expect, and I just want to point out that 'Kveld' & 'Stridens Hus' are two separate releases even though the ep contains two album tracks.
Behold, it's Taake we're talking about,  somehow Hoest always manage to put some new elements from his personal taste surprisingly well into their classical well-known musical warfare and the reason to why I'm still listening and respect the band, they dare to do what others don't.

There are few bands I know of who are, or has been capable of keeping the listeners attention like this for such a long period
Once again, Hoest plays all the instruments himself, but this time the Taake live band has contributed to the recording, alongside producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen.
 While most bands fade away or develops into something so progressive it's hard to even recognize the band, Taake marches straight forward pushing many boundaries while standing steady to what we know as Taake.
'Stridens Hus' reveals in itself an intense energy and a nerve that shines throughout the album.
Especially the vocals and guitars variate more then previous releases and do the unexpected expected.

Normally you would end up shaking your head and wonder what they're trying to achieve. 
In this case everything blends so natural in a twisted, yet brilliant way, and it's what makes Taake what it is . 
I can't imagine other bands doing what Hoest manage to do here. 
Few bands manage to pull of something like this without loosing their identity.
This is the reason why Taake remain strong and keep their position at the top of the league. Stridens Hus carries influences from thrash,punk,old unholy black metal, and even some eighties sounding riffs that could fit into a Swedish dance music band.

It's hard to explain these wonderful contrasts in words.
 It's a solid and unique album that can take the listener far away into the sound scape if you want, still an easy to like and outgoing album in many ways though.
 Fans of the more old school Taake have no reason to despair 'cause it's still what it is, these elements he combines just make it more entertaining,at times melodic and it's like he's slowly breathing life to a new genre, I know that is big words, but listen to this one closely a few times lean back and you will know what I'm talking about.
Few bands manage to stay so close to the roots while on the other hand being so innovative and creative at the same time. Hoest once again shows how it's done properly! 


1. Gamle Norig
2. Orm
3. Det fins en Prins
4. Stank
5. En Sang til Sand om Ildebrann
6. Kongsgaard bestaar
7. Vinger

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14.NOV2014: TAAKE - Black Flames of Blasphemy - Helsinki (FI)

05.DES2014: TAAKE - John Dee - Oslo (N)

23.JAN2015: TAAKE - Hulen - Bergen (N)

01.MAY2015: TAAKE - Karmøygeddon - Koppervik (NO)

25.JUL2015: TAAKE - Stonehenge Festival - Steenwijk (NL)

14.AUG2015: TAAKE - Rockstadt Extreme Fest - Rasnov (RO)

Lebensnacht – Preview & Release Info

NP051What comes after death? Some say light, some say darkness and some say nothing. Fact is: No one knows for sure.
The third album of german one-man project – Lebensnacht – chooses a fourth way: The encounter with your inner self in a un defined place, where darkness and light merge into one, where nothing is stable, where raging chaos and ultimate universal law unite into eternity.
Title in english: resurrected in endless darkness

Release Date: 11th November 2014
1st 100 DigiPaks are handnumbered
Preorder here:
1. Erwacht (video)
2. Blutmeer
3. Blutsturm
4. Transzendenz
5. Zwiegespräch
6. Erkenntniss
7. Ende
Total playtime: 44:38