Purple Passion

Why did you leave when I was down and out..
Why  did you say those things?.. Even though my heart is black I feel my blood bruising for you Satan...
You should be honest ad astra and reveal yourself..
If it's not Eve you might be Lillith or maybe even an innocent virgin under My Spell.
Oh, Lord forgive me if I have sinned. I know not what I do...
If you , yeah you.. That came into my coven give me a sign...?
As far as my eyes noticed you where the closest that evening ...
Are you in for a midsummer nights dream or do I need to hunt once more..
I don' t even know the destination.. I went to another century of peace and harmony.
A path only the strongest of minds will survive ,  one wrong turn.. and there is no hope...
People fear me , laugh or taunt .. Be careful, next is yours....

A call...

A call from the grave. A call from the elder. An urge to kill., what is to be humanity today. A call to make 'em fall. Stand tall and you will enter the hall and get your call from a grave. Raymond Storebø aka Gravarson°9

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New Evil from PRC Records

Czech Death Metallers HEAVING EARTH will release Denouncing the Holy Throne February 6 on Czech label Lavadome Productions.

HEAVING EARTH now launches a new reign of terror, moving beyond the charred remains of the celestial kingdom devastated by 2010 debut Diabolic Prophecies.

Denouncing the Holy Throne is in fact a symphony of blasphemous Death Metal! Relentless in its vision, lethal in its execution, and steadfast in its conviction, the album is also a refreshing, genre-enriching masterpiece. On this sophomore effort, HEAVING EARTH takes Death Metal into undiscovered and unconquered realms. While the band's technical prowess is undeniable, every note is played in service to the song. Above all else, this is Death Metal with soul and character in all its blasphemous, dark, and violent glory.

Track Listing:
1. The Final Crowning
2. Nailed To Perpetual Anguish
3. Doomed Before Inception
4. And The Mighty Shall Fall
5. Worms Of Rusted Congregation
6. ...Into The Sea Of Fire
7. Forging Arcane Heresy
8. I Am Nothing
9. Into The Depths Of Abomination
10. ...Where The Purified Essence Descends Ablaze
11. Jesus Died
12. Endless Procession Of The Holy Martyrs / Final Termination

INGURGITATING OBLIVION (Germany) - Continuum of Absence (Dark Death Metal, September 16th, 2014, Willowtip Records)

Almost a decade in the making, 'Continuum of Absence' is the pinnacle of the band's music. It showcases the evolution of this German death metal band that started off pushing the genre's limits, adding dissonance and brutality, and on this album, the band takes a quantum leap. The music is at once hypnotic, terrifying and unpredictable. It is the commingling of Immolation, Portal and Morbid Angel (at their prime). There's more than meets the eye - the music is extremely intricate, layered almost, with every section written with a different intent, and it all fits together especially after multiple listens. This is an epic atmospheric album that takes the best elements and lays it out for the adventurous metalheads to decipher or just marvel.

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