INGURGITATING OBLIVION (Germany) - Continuum of Absence (Dark Death Metal, September 16th, 2014, Willowtip Records)

Almost a decade in the making, 'Continuum of Absence' is the pinnacle of the band's music. It showcases the evolution of this German death metal band that started off pushing the genre's limits, adding dissonance and brutality, and on this album, the band takes a quantum leap. The music is at once hypnotic, terrifying and unpredictable. It is the commingling of Immolation, Portal and Morbid Angel (at their prime). There's more than meets the eye - the music is extremely intricate, layered almost, with every section written with a different intent, and it all fits together especially after multiple listens. This is an epic atmospheric album that takes the best elements and lays it out for the adventurous metalheads to decipher or just marvel.

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