The 3rd Attempt 'Born in Thorns' - Review & Info

It sounds to me like a continuation of Carpathian Forest,witch isn't strange as two of the former members are on this ship.
All in all there is a few good tracks on this album, but nothing above ok, mainly 'cause it sounds like it's done without any form of passion whatsoever and the final punch never arrive as I listen.
In my opinion the the vocals ruin alot as it would be better if he had come of up with an original style.
The Bathory, epic vocals is a cool addition, it's only to bad the screamy vocals destroys it at times.
Born In Thorns could have beenj a good track without the screamy parts,or less at least.
To me the 'Nattefrost' alike vokals doesen't do it at all, the only thing that saves this album from hitting the floor is a few good riffs in between,except for that I don't find this album entertaining at all,it doesen't help that there are known musicians and former Carpathian Forest members here.
Sorry (is all I can say )  This is not an album that will spin much here.

On "Born in Thorns", The 3rd Attempt showcases the song In 2014, renowned guitarists Tchort and BloodPervertor left Carpathian Forest to set up a new band called The 3rd Attempt. Following a  series of online auditions, the duo chose Ødemark (ex-Midnattsvrede) as their vocalist, and were joined by Tybalt (Fortid, Den Saakaldte) on drums. With the lineup complete, the guitarists felt they could finally work in an environment that would re-ignite the enthusiasm and creativity they felt they had lost, and began working on the material for their first album. 
Not long after their debut concert at Blastfest in Norway, they entered Dub Studio in Oslo and recorded the album with old friend and producer Endre Kirkesola, who's known for his work on albums by Carpathian Forest,  Blood Red Throne, Green Carnation, Urgehal, Tsjuder and more. skills for which the guitarists are well known with their earlier bands, but the sound is fresh and revitalized, and the new members have also definitely made their mark on the album. The old-school Black Metal vibe is certainly there, but there's a lot of variation and different elements in the mix. And the Thrash Metal and Black'n'roll elements gives the album a great groove.
With their debut album, The 3rd Attempt have produced a unique take on the classic Black Metal sound, and with a tour with Taake in the autumn, this is a band that will prove a force to be reckoned with.

Dark Essence Records Released: 25 September 2015


1. Torment Nation

2. Dark Vision

3. Art of Domination
4. We Defy
5. Born in Thorns
6. Beast Within
7. Sons of the Winter
8. Nekrogrammaton
9. Firestorm
10. Anti-Self

Photo credit: Jan Ove Løgevik

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