EPOCH - Sacrosanct - Review

Lavadome ProductionsRelease: 31 January 2017

This album was originally only released digitally, but now Lavadome Productions have decided to release it on CD by the end of this month.

I guess most of you haven't heard of EPOCH. Me neither before now.
They play brutal barbaric Death metal stripped to the bone, what you hear is what you get.
At times it lends towards technical death metal but I wouldn't put it in that genre.
Pure death metal that will rip your jaws out is the right description.
There is not much to say here really that hasn't been said before, straightforward brutal death metal, you either like it or not.
For me personally this gets boring after 3-4 tracks as nothing really happens and no really catchy melodies that enters my brain and want to hear more.
Overall an average death metal album, nothing more ,nothing less.

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