TEMPTATION'S WINGS Streaming Concept Album 'Skulthor Ebonblade'

TEMPTATION'S WINGS Streaming Concept Album 'Skullthor Ebonblade'

Skullthor Ebonblade, the forthcoming concept album from North Carolina Doom Trio TEMPTATION'S WINGS is now streaming in its entirety, courtesy of Metal Nexus. The album will be released on March 10. Dive right in headfirst at the following link:

Pre-order Skullthor Ebonblade.

Following the release of 2012 EP Legends of the Tusk, the new full-length release is the culmination of a decade spent continually improving and refining its Thrashy Doom Metal style. The results speak for themselves, as Skulthor Ebonblade is the complete package: mighty riffs, propulsive rhythms, and emotionally penetrating vocals that hit the Heavy Metal sweet spot and leave the listener with songs that remain etched in the memory for days on end. 

Lyrically, the story of the album concerns legendary warrior Skulthor who returns to find his village burning in black flames, and catches a glimpse of a witch as she disappears behind the smoke. He sets off on a quest to obtain a sword of great power, so he can avenge his clan but loses his humanity along the way only to have to rediscover it to ultimately obtain revenge he sought all along.

Skulthor Ebonblade will be released on CD and digital formats.  The CD version will include an acoustic bonus track called "Solitude." The album was mixed, mastered, and recorded by Andy Bishop at Giraffe Studios, Hendersonville NC. Artwork By David Paul Seymour.

"Masterful in their amalgamating of doom-laden/ thrash with flavourings of old school heavy metal. It's a hugely enjoyable album."
- Über Rock

"Temptation's Wings unfurl vibrant sonic tales that blend heavy amounts of Doom, Power Metal, Progressive, Stoner Rock and Classic Metal into their own potently lethal Metal as stout as any tempered steel."
 - Metal Nexus

"A brilliant work...majestic and engaging."
 - Queens of Steel
"A really enjoyable album, loaded with epic Heavy Metal."
 - Necromance

Track Listing:

1. Burning of Hjalmar
2. I Destroyer
3. Into the Maelstrom
4. To Forge a Legend(Ulfbehrt)
5. Lair of the Gorgon Queen
6. Solitude*
7. Treachery of the Blind Raven
8. Witches of Dredmoor
9. My Name was Skulthor

*CD Bonus Track



Hailing from the mountains of North Carolina, Temptation's Wings was formed back in 2005. After several lineup changes the core was finally established at the end 2006 and the and has been making music since ever since. The mission statement has always been the same: Write songs they like and pushing the songwriting and technique beyond the previous release . A few albums and EPs have been released over the years, but the band really hit their stride with the 2012  EP Legends of the Tusk. The band played as many shows as they could supporting the EP and relentlessly promoted it. The work paid off when the trio was asked to open for the legendary Iced Earth by a representative of that band in their hometown's biggest venue, The Orange Peel.  Now with the impending LP release of Skulthor Ebonblade and addition of new bassist Chad Barnwell, Temptation's Wings is eager to play to more ears than ever!

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