NY Death Metallers Incontinence Reveal 'Prey For Us' Details

Incontinence Reveal 'Prey For Us' Details & Unleash New Song!

Spearheaded by four New York death metal veterans involved inVENERABLE acts including Skinless, Held Under, Armor Column, Dry Heave and Burial, Incontinence proudly reveal details for the release of their debut album, Prey For Us. Scheduled for release on May 15th 2017 via Ultimate Massacre Productions, Incontinence have came up with a record intent on bringing brutality to the metal-minded masses, within a package of strong songs that hook the listener in and don’t let go.

As a taste of what's the come the band have also unleashed a track from the album entitled 'Cryptofascist' which is streaming in full right here!

"The biggest underlying theme of the album is the theme of being under control, losing control and misery in lower-to-middle-class America", comments the band. "For example, 'Capitalist Martyr' deals with a lower-level employee of a large corporation being shamed and forced into working longer hours. 'Phantom Heart,' 'The Outrage Machine' and 'Inner Psychopath (Believe the Lie)' all tie into the theme of being under control, being manipulated and losing one's mind. Elsewhere, 'Escape to the Slaughter' is a song loosely about a real-life event in which a herd of bison escaped from a Buffalo meat farm just south of the Capital Region. They eventually got cornered and slaughtered by marksmen. This was written from the perspective of the bison herd. 'Cryptofascist' is without question about the rise of Trumpism/nationalism in the USA, but you could also apply it to other parts of the globe, as nationalism has seemingly become trendy. The song was written in the middle of the ridiculous US presidential campaign, prior to the election, and was never meant to be a prophecy. Several of the songs on the album were written structurally in the vein of what Chuck Shuldinder did on the last four Death albums as well as on the Control Denied album. Death was a big time influence on Prey For Us."
The band hail from the Capital Region of Upstate New York and formed in 2013. They play a punishing yet catchy form of groovy death metal with a dark atmosphere loosely in the vein of classic Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Immolation, Internal Bleeding and Dying Fetus. Their sound is augmented with other influences including, but not limited to, Voivod, Death, the Big 4 thrash bands, Danish chunky death metal bands such as Dawn of Demise, and hypnotic death metal bands such as Vengeful.

Incontinence are David Seacord on guitar and vocals, Dave Matthews on guitar and vocals, John Glassbrenner on drums, and Eric Boyd on bass guitar. The veteran musicians have working tirelessly in the Upstate NY metal scene together for nearly 20 years, honing their craft with Incontinence as well as their previous and current bands. Incontinence boasts a vitriolic twin vocal attack in addition to a classic twin guitar approach with dueling guitar lines and tasteful, melodic trade off solos. Elsewhere, John Glassbrenner on drums provides Incontinence with a variety of blasts, grooves, propulsive double kicks and unique fills throughout, while Eric brings up the low end with solid, traditional basswork. Incontinence are set to prove they have what it takes to write death metal songs that will stick with the listener and stand the test of time.

1. Inner Psychopath
2. The Outrage Machine
3. Capitalist Martyr
4. Phantom Heart
5. Cryptofascist
6. Escape To The Slaughter
7. Prey For Us
8. All That Never Was & All That Will Never Be

Pre-Order Prey For Us Here:

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HYBREED CHAOS New Single available!

New album coming out in June!

Listen and share "Bloodshot" now!

Ottawa Doom LONGHOUSE Stream 'No Name, No Marker'; New Album 'II: Vanishing' Out April 14th

Photo Credit - Amber Erica
     Ottawa, ON's LONGHOUSE came into being in 2013 when guitarist Marc Casey and bassist/vocalist Joshua Cayer turned their long-standing song-writing partnership into a full band with drummer Mike Hache to complete their circle of dark, riffy, heavy textured doom metal. They released their debut album ‘Earth from Water’ in 2015, a spiritual odyssey into the perseverance of the human spirit and the lessons we can learn from the natural world.

In November 2016, LONGHOUSE returned to Wolf Lake Studios to record with Mike Bond (Loviatar, Norilsk, Arms of the Girl) once again as producer and engineer for the outcome to be their sophomore album entitled "II: Vanishing". The album continues the pleasing progression of their debut while retaining the band’s core sound of heavy, intricate riffs, splashed with a touch of post-metal to guide you on a dark and visceral journey spanning nearly 40 minutes over five tracks.

“II: Vanishing has a logical evolution that is evident in the composition, as well as production. I also think that fans should take a moment to reflect on some of themes that are threaded throughout the album.” says vocalist / bassist Joshua Cayer. “The bulk of my ideas musically and lyrically come from exploring Indigenous ways of knowing. I am Algonquin First Nations. My family’s community is Kitigan Zibi, outside of Maniwaki, QC. However, I grew up in the city, mostly detached from my culture. As a father, I have been trying to immerse myself in the stories, wisdom, and strength of our Elders, knowledge keepers and story tellers, so that I can pass that on to my daughters. Because this takes up so much space in terms of who I am, and who I am becoming, it plays a very large part in terms of influences I draw upon.”

Those influences can be heard in LONGHOUSE's first single "No Name, No Marker", a song written for the voiceless Indigenous children who were abused and died while forced to attend residential schools in Canada and were buried in unmarked graves. 
"No Name, No Marker" streaming at 

"II: Vanishing" will be unleashed digitally on April 14th via their Bandcamp with physical cassette release June 2017 (date to be determined) via Sunmask Records. 

Track Listing:
1. Hunter's Moon (8:38)
2. Vanishing (6:13)
3. Blood And Stone (5:57)
4. No Name, No Marker (7:59)
5. The Vigil (10:06)
EP Length: 38:55


Krakow - Alive - Review - Dark Essence

Krakow is a post metal band from Bergen, Norway, “Alive” is a registration of their show at USF Verftet, Bergen, NO in 2016. From here on, I could go down the usual route. Write about the stellar performance, the original songs, the obvious influences of OM, Neurosis and the likes, the crisp and clear sound quality, why I like this one (A LOT) but I wouldn’t get the experience that this record is across. Instead, let’s try something different and hope this makes sense.  Put on this record and press play. Raise the volume. Take a deep breath. Empty your mind. Now breath out.  Let the music take you in. Don’t think about post metal, don’t think about you. Think post you and float along with the music. 

Let the dynamics of the music drift you. Keep breathing in and out. Ebb and flow where the physical meets the AEther. Your mind is a journey, your body a mere vessel riding on sonic tides. There are calm, melodic passages that showcase the intriguing aspect of minimalism, there are doom/drone passages where the music rises like a raging storm, loud and overwhelming. As your very being keeps getting rocked back and forth, realise that you are still listening to the opening track “Monolith”. There are three more tracks. Take another deep breath and sail into the mantric “Vitriol”, shorter but still very rich in dynamics. The first leg of the voyage might be over but Krakow is not stopping and you won’t get the chance to catch your breath, no sir, no ma’am! Now nod your head. Do it slowly but with vigour and determination. Continue and sail right into unknown territories. Right into the tension building track “Of Earth”.  Be in awe of its ominous, threatening atmosphere, like a sky almost gone black. Where the day becomes as dark and the air becomes as thick as dark, rich soil which births rich harvests of wheat,barley, fruit and (lots of) hemp. 
Finally, after “Of Earth” “Mound” begins to rise. Slowly but steadily it culminates the three previous tracks into one epic maelstrom. Do not fight this, do not check the time but let it take you back to the shores of the physical. Forget about my words while the four bards conclude their set and just enjoy this whirling tempest! Let the record end. Breathe in. Breath out. Press repeat.  

Release 24th. Mars 2017

- Ivo VirusWithShoes  -

NoCleanSinging Premiere SIGIL 'Even The Gods Will Burn'; Debut Album Out April 7th via HPGDP

NoCleanSinging Premiere Austin Death Metallers SIGIL 'Even The Gods Will Burn'

Debut Album 'Kingdom of The Grave' Out April 7th via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions signed Austin, TX's crusty death metal destroyers SIGIL for the release of their debut album entitled 'Kingdom Of The Grave' to be unleashed on April 7th on CD and digital formats. 
The album's title track was released a few weeks ago and now they're ready for another brutal assault with 'Even The Gods Will Burn' premiered on at the following link:  

"this is definitely the thrashiest/fastest track on the record and stands apart from the other songs for that reason. Thematically it's about the destructive nature of radicalized religion, regardless of what that religion is." comments vocalist / guitarist Alex Citrone.

SIGIL successfully blends classic Swedish death metal with American crust resulting in catchy, crushing chaos. Keeping true to the old school faith, their debut album 'Kingdom Of The Grave' is unrelenting in its death metal attack, which also incorporates raw D-beat aggression complimented by slashing solo's and throat-ripping vocals. For fans of Black Breath, Carnage, Dismember, Entombed, Entrails, Fatalist, Fleshcrawl, Gatecreeper, Grave, His Hero Is Gone, Nihilist and Tragedy

Vocalist / guitarist Alex Citrone comments on the album:

"Kingdom of the Grave” is pure, raw death metal with an explosive energy to it. It has themes of the occult, suicide, police brutality and a dystopian future. Fans of the old and new school will find something to love." 

Listen to the album's title track "Kingdom Of The Grave" at

Pre-order the CD for only $10 with free shipping from HPGDP at

Pre-order the Digital Download for only $6.66 at
In additional news, SIGIL will be hosting their local CD launch in Austin, TX on April 7th at The Lost Well with support from Califorina's Apothesary and Dallas bands Blood Royale, Maldevera. Full details can be found here.

1. Death Unreal (4:58)
2. Even The Gods Will Burn (3:37)
3. Lick The Blade (3:15)
4. Kingdom Of The Grave (4:09)
5. Summoning Hate (5:45)
6. Strange Aeons (4:52)
7. Bloodvisions (2:52)
8. Death Won’t Kill Me (4:04)
Album Length: 33:36

Brazil's IN ABSENTHIA New Music Video 'Abiding Strain’

Brazilian gothic death doom influenced IN ABSENTHIA have released a new music video 'Abiding Strain' in support of their forthcoming album 'Thou Shalt Not Forgive Fate' set to be unleashed in a major partnership between Nuktemeron Productions, Odicelaf Records, Impaled Records and The Metal Vox to follow their 2016 release 'The Peaceful Lotus'. ‘Thou Shalt Not Forgive Fate’ also marks the debut of their new lineup with vocalist Nany Yates.

Plus their lyric video 'To Covet The Requiem' can be viewed at 

Static Tension Recordings to release new album by death metal powerhouse TIME WALK

Static Tension Recordings has been putting out one killer release after the other. It's always a reviewer's delight to come across such promising young labels and discover a new world of music. This here is about their band TIME WALK who're playing the kind of power-packed death metal that we all heard in the '90s. Their attitude here is fresh and it's impossible to stay still while listening to their latest release, 'Beyond Eternity's Grasp'. Static Tension Recordings has scheduled the vinyl edition release on May 12th but you can already stream the awesomeness of the band HERE.

- "This band is FUCKING AWESOME" 

- "simply unbelievable" - TRVEFRYCT ZINE (Germany)

- "really powerful" - METAL BROTHERS (Spain)


TIME WALK (US) - 'Beyond Eternity's Grasp' (May 12th, 2017)

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date - May 12th, 2017
Record Label - Static Tension Recordings (US)

TIME WALK are a revelation. Both their albums are underrated and channel the '90s death metal sound with a touch of thrash and hardcore and it all snowballs into something refreshing and powerful. Their riffing prowess is seriously impressive and it just takes you back to a time when everything sounded huge and awesome. They're not trying to be too fast or flamboyant but are instead fleshing out their riffs which is bound to find appeal in listeners regardless of their metal background and experience. There's indeed a certain charm in this; after listening to all kinds of brutal and chaotic music, it's refreshing to hear something that's going back to the basics, so to speak, and focusing on excellent riffing, structure and execution than anything else. The surprising RUNEMAGICK cover at the end doesn't hurt one bit either. 

Track list: 
1. Ruinick Echoes 04:07
2. Fury Of The Sands 04:15
3. Time Heals Nothing 03:09
4. War 03:14
5. Temple Of The Forbidden 03:32
6. Enter The Realm Of Death 05:58 (RUNEMAGICK cover!) 

Line up: 
JD - Vocals/Guitar
Tyler - Guitar
Tanner - Bass
Juan - Drums


For my Demons signs deal with Revalve Records, new album out on May 19th.

An emphasis on strong melodies, with a veiled veneer of melancholy, is the trademark of the project, with the participation of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds bringing their experience and talent to this debut album.

The first single and the album premiere coming soon! 

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DEAD CONSPIRACY release "In the Wake of the Butcher" video

DEAD CONSPIRACY release "In the Wake of the Butcher" video

Northwest extreme death metal horde DEAD CONSPIRACY have released a music video for "In the Wake of the Butcher," a track from the band's 2016 self-titled album. Check it out at this location.

New Noise Magazine praised the band's new album by saying it "...does everything you need OSDM to do." 

Purchase Dead Conspiracy at
The band credited with being Portland's first-ever death metal act released its long-anticipated first full-length LP of new material in November. Dead Conspiracy is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats through Necromantic Press Records. Exile Music will release the album on cassette. CDs featuring the 1987 demo and a cover track recorded for Tribute To Headhunter Death Cult are offered in Brazil by Funeral Rites Records.  

The follow-up to the band's critically-acclaimed 2014 Abomination Underground, the self-titled album is an utterly destructive, dark, depraved, and disgustingly satisfying piece of death metal that fans of Death, Gruesome, Sodom, Massacre and all the old gods will surely appreciate.

This is beyond old school - this is fucking original!

Formed in 1986, DEAD CONSPIRACY was a pioneering influence on multitudes of blackened death thrash metal bands worldwide. A series of demo tapes followed before the band sunk into the shadows in the early-90s. In 2006 Hells Headbangers Records contacted members of DEAD CONSPIRACY in 2006 with the idea of releasing a compilation of the band's demos. The result was the 19-track Gore Drenched Legacy, complete with a booklet full of liner notes, photos, lyrics and concert fliers. The deal with Hells Headbangers awakened the beast and DEAD CONSPIRACY returned with a new lineup at 2012's Goregon Massacre Festival III.

With the addition of Mike Abominator formerly of Gravehill on vocals and new drummer Eric A DEAD CONSPIRACY are sounding more brutal than ever! 

"DEAD CONSPIRACY was one of the world's first death metal bands. We were seriously surprised at how heavy and driving and intricate the material was, well advanced back in the day; before it's time. Fucking glad it's finally getting out there!" 
- Mitch Harris (Napalm Death)

"If you like old school, brutal, pounding death metal then you MUST check out DEAD CONSPIRACY! You'll be headbanging so violently that your neck will never forgive you!" 
- Richard Christy (Death, Charred Walls of the Damned, The Howard Stern Show)

Australia's IN DEATH Releasing 'The Devil Speaks' April 21 via Plastic Head / Official Video Launched

Australia's IN DEATH Releasing 'The Devil Speaks' April 21 via Plastic Head / Official Video Launched

Australian Death Metal quintet IN DEATH have brokered a deal with Plastic Head for the official release of full-length debut album The Devil Speaks. The album will be released onApril 21. Pre-orders are available at this location.

In related news, the band has released an official video for album track "Bow to Your Master." Dive in at

Vigorously honing their craft as a live act since August 2008, two crucial elements have developed within the band that now form part of the unofficial band ethos: Tight performances packaged with energetic delivery. The result can only be described as a whirlwind of energy punctuated by an intensely accurate technical punch.

IN DEATH combine overwhelming power and groove with subtle technicality and some unexpected twists to deliver a package that can not only cause frenzy among seasoned metal-heads, but also bring new fans to the metal genre with horns held high and banging heads.

IN DEATH... now established as a force to be reckoned with, is growing not only in stature, but as creative artists. The band's debut full length album features more varied influences compared to the Thanatos and self-titled EPs.. Some new material has a more pronounced progressive side, which is a natural progression as artists grow, but the band is always mindful of never letting the ever growing fan base down. There are certain things that must be expected when you come to an IN DEATH show, and they want to give the punters what they paid for! In this case, Death metal with a groove so intoxicating, you just can't help but bang your head!

IN DEATH.. Is forging their own path. Jump on board or be left in their wake!

Track Listing:

1. Malignancy Eradicated 
2. The Pitfalls Of Immortality
3. Bow To Your Master
4. Every Burial
5. Godzilla
6. Fuck Your Kind
7. The Devil Speaks
8. King Of The Deadpool
"The bar has been set at a new high for Death Metal from Australia, and this group has thrown down the gauntlet with authority." 9.5/10
 - Amps and Green Screens

"Straightforward, in your face, five on the floor, groove-laden death metal."
 - Hard Attack Magazine

"Well worth checking out if you like to break your neck to death metal that grooves like it came from Texas or Louisiana."
 - Metal Nexus
"If you haven't had your head hammered and your spine jolted Australian band named In Death will do that for you."
 - No Clean Singing

"A solid and well put together debut album."
 - Demons Zone

"I simply can't say enough good things about In Death... The Devil Speaks. These guys have impressed the fucking hell out of me."
 - Words from the Master

"Powerful Death Metal."
 - Queens of Steel

LOATHFINDER - "The Great Tired Ones" Album Details Revealed

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present the blackened doom catacombs of LOATHFINDER's debut EP, 'The Great Tired Ones'. Mix and mastering by Haldor Grunberg & Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw, Blaze Of Perdition). Cover art by Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Diabolizer, Witchmaster), with the design and colours originated by Maciej Kamuda (Nekrofilth, Kingdom, Ectovoid).

'The Great Tired Ones' will be released exclusively on CD in April 2017.

I. Genetic Gloom
II. Feast on my Entrails
III. Scents of Regression
IV. The Great Tired Ones

Listen to "Genetic Gloom" here:

Loathfinder online:
More info via Godz Ov War Productions:

The Crawling - Interview By Gravarson Almighty

Congratulations on the new album 'Anatomy Of Loss' which will be released 7th April. 
How are things going?

Thank you! Yes, are debut album is finally finished, and due out Friday 7th April on Grindscene Records. You can pick up a copy on our band camp  or online through the usual retailers.

Things are going well so far. We have received plenty of pre-orders, the reviews have been really positive, and now we are working on booking some shows to accompany the release. It’s pretty busy round here, but definitely exciting times!

How did the recording process go and did you use alot of time in studio, or was it a quick session? Are you satisfied with the final result?

The recording process was difficult, and we did take a long time in certain areas. I have my own studio set up, sort of, so we opted to record the album ourselves; which basically meant i recorded, edited, mixed and mastered the entire thing on my own. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! Firstly we had an issue with the tempo in one of the tracks which resulted in re-tracking all the drums, then i became obsessed with the perfect guitar sound and re-recorded the guitars several times, and then i had huge problems getting the mix where i wanted it. It was a painful process, and it is very hard to remain objective when recording your own music. In short, i just spent far too long agonising over the sound of things instead of just getting on with it.

Having said that, it resulted in a very satisfying result. All the hours did pay off, but i do feel i just spent too long on it. There are elements i would like to improve on, but we’ll leave that for the next album.

Anatomy Of Loss is your first full lenght album, you also released the single 'Choking On Concrete' and the EP 'In Light Of Dark Rays' in 2015. The EP was a good taste of what to come, I never heard the single yet. How has the response and feedback been so far?

The single was basically a fast call to action to get our name out. Gary had just joined on drums which really moved the band into a position where we were strong enough to really make a go of it. 'Choking On Concrete' was very effective, and got a lot of attention, but it’s not a track that truly reflects the musical direction we have taken. The EP, as you say, was more of a clear indicator of what was to come. 

The feedback so far has been pretty amazing. I appreciate reviews are always subjective, but we’re steadily getting 5/5, 9/10 type scores.  We just hope that trend continues! 

Are there any tours/gigs planned in the future to Promote the album?

The album launch show is 8th April in The Limelight 2, Belfast, with our good friends Shrouded and Valpurga. We are still booking shows for the rest of the year; so far we have confirmed Dublin 29th April (Metal 2 The Masses show), Belfast 16th June / Dublin 17th June (w/ Stranglewire), and Sunflowerfest in July.Scotland/UK dates are currenlty being arranged for end of May, along with a few dates in October mainland Europe. We are working with Titan Music Agency for shows, so we just let them take care of it. I hate booking gigs, it stresses me out! 

When did The Crawling start as a band and how did you end up with the style you play, was it just natural or?

We started end of 2014 with our current line up. We had a few guys in shortly before, under a different moniker, but they didn't work out. 

Our style developed pretty quickly and naturally. Initially the band was supposed to be a laugh; couple of guys just jamming out some old school death metal, but once Gary came in on drums it was clear we had the ability to do something more. At that stage I simply just allowed myself to write the type of music I personally enjoy, I didn't focus on staying within specific boundaries, just amalgamated the type of riffs I love from the bands that influence me the most - paradise lost, my dying bride, katatonia, early anathema - along with the heavy double bass riffage.

Have you played in ant other bands worth mentioning during your career?

I've led a sheltered life when it comes to bands to be honest. Since I was 16 I jammed with the same drummer for 15 years. We started Honey For Christ back in 1998 and that was my main focus up until 2013. HFC was a lot of fun, and we got to do some really cool things throughout our career. We played along side Lacuna Coil, Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Nile, My Dying Bride, Entombed to name a few. We made an appearance at Bloodstock in 2007, toured the U.K., parts of Europe with our good friends The Prophecy, and drank a fuck load of cider in the process! Good times.

What is your favourite track on'Anatomy...?

Poison Orange is the stand out track for me. It has my favourite lyrics from the album, and the vocal lines really work over the verses; I think it's my best performance. I had the majority of the song written for a long time, but it wasn't really working, something was missing. I remember coming home from rehearsal one night and listening to the demo and the chorus riff just came to me. It really brought the song to life. It's enjoyable live as well.

Which bands inspired you when you were younger and as a musician?

When I was very young, Status Quo was my introduction to the rock, and soon led me down the path of heavy metal. From there I quickly discovered Iron Maiden and Metallica - they remained my core influence while growing up, but also spent a lot of time with Motley Crüe, Twisted Sister and Def Leppard (still do).

I didn't pick up guitar until I was 15 or so. By that stage I had moved onto the more extreme acts of the time; Sepultura, Decide, Cannibal Corpse and Carcass providing the majority of my listening. My guitar playing was inspired by Max Cavalera, I loved his style of rhythm playing - it was so tight. I also wanted to be a singer, so Max was just the coolest fucker out there. James Hetfield was another huge influence, I remember learning Master Of Puppets from start to end … ish.

What was your first experience with metal and do you remember the firdt record you bought with own money?

My very first encounter with heavy metal was through a mates big brother, I think I was about 9 or 10 years old or so. We all attended the same primary school and this guy brought in a huge ghetto blaster loaded with Iron Maiden, I can't recall which album. We all gathered around the back of the school and it was blasted out. It sounded so evil! We ended up getting in trouble and the ghetto blaster was banned forever! Ha, ha!

I think the first album I bought with my own money was 'Iron Maiden - Killers.' It was birthday money, and I think I bought it from a store called “IT," but I can't be sure. We used to go into “IT" all the time and look at the tapes; heavy metal had its own section. It was a locked glass cover to stop us from pinching the boxes! It was a big thing back in the day to copy the tape, then steal the cover from the local music shops. Eek! (Well, I got both tapes and covers haha ED.)

Your lyrics are dark and sinister, is this something you write on autopilot or do you have a deeper meaning or personal stuff behind them? I'm a writer myself and I now it's easy to 'camoflague' the true meaning...

Writing lyrics comes quite easily to me. I write from a very personal perspective, and I find life provides plenty of inspiration. I’m at my best late at night, usually after I've been alone for a few hours and half a case of beer in me - alcohol helps me write unrestrained. Although, sometimes I have to edit them when I sober up; a bit too much inappropriate disclosure on occasion.

My words are usually camouflaged, but I kinda work back to front. I tend to write about an experience I have seen, or someone close to me has gone through, then once completed I go back and add in elements to coincide with something else that is going on in my own head, or things I'm having problems processing.

My writing is very cathartic, it is certainly a tool I utilise to get through difficult times, but it can make it peculiar singing them over and over. It can often feel like I'm going over a period of misery on a loop; healthy I'm sure! Ha, ha!