Axis Of Metal Premiers new track from forthcoming Deceptor album Premiers New Track From Forthcoming DECEPTOR Album has posted an exclusive world premier of the song "To Know Infinity" taken from Chains of Delusion, the forthcoming release from UK speed metal trio DECEPTOR.

Favorites among the metal underground since their 2005 formation, DECEPTOR recently signed with Shadow Kingdom Records for the January 21, 2013 release of Chains of Delusion. This six-song slab of progressive and aggressive thrash meets trad metal mastery comes on the heels of the band's 2011 self-released EP, Soothsayer, which Terrorizer called "modern, thrash-tinged metal at its very best."

Stream "To Know Infinity" HERE.

Earlier this year, the band posted a video for the track "Heatseeker" at this location.

"Manic, musical excellence that should delight connoisseurs of both antique and contemporary metallurgy." [9.25/10] - From the Dust Returned
Please get in touch at for all press inquiries.

Paul Fulda - Bass and Vocals
Sam Mackertich - Guitar and Vocals
James Ashbey - Drums

News from Listenable Records

Listenable Records is proud to introduce prog metal mongers THE OMEGA  EXPERIMENT. Very few young bands have shown so much enthusiasm and passion for the music they enjoy listening and playing with so much professionalism and we fully support that.

Michigan's THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT, founded by duo Dan Wieten and Ryan Aldridge, describes their sound as '"heavy guitars, euphoric synths and rich layered vocals come together to create a wall of progressive rock lushness.'"

Like their  fellow modern prog artists,  THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT create a massive sound with home equipment and have no fear of experimentation and rule breaking.

The guitars are big and technical and layered with keyboard sounds reminiscent of Dream Theater and Queensryche. The vocals range from powerful lead lines, big harmonies and demonic screams in the vein of Devin Townsend and Mike Patton.

The band's inspiration comes from guitarist/vocalist Dan addressing the last 10 years of his life, focusing on his excess and drug abuse which took him to a dark place and his determination to move onto a brighter future.

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT has been lucky enough to receive public praise from Devin Townsend on multiple occasions, most notably on his Twitter account the night they unleashed their Karma EP to the masses for free on Bandcamp. Townsend was quoted as saying, "Actually listening now...great great work man! Seriously great stuff Dan, I fully back it and appreciate the effort you've invested I wish all luck!" The EP later went on to receive over 2000 downloads.

The band released their self-titled debut album was mastered by Acle Kahney (TESSERACT) and made available digitally via bandcamp, itunes  to much critical acclaim.

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT  will see the re-release of their self-titled debut album in late February in Europe and March in the U.S. on Listenable .

The band is currently at work writing their next album and look forward to getting back out and touring, with a strong hope to be able to reach their fans in other countries.

CENTURIAN Debut New Song - "Judas Among Twelve"

Dutch death metal mongers CENTURIAN have debuted a new track from their forthcoming third album, Contra Rationem.

The song, entitled "Judas Among Twelve," has been posted as a promo video view here :

This is CENTURIAN's first offering of new material in 11 years. Contra Rationem is slated for a 2013 release via Listenable Records.

Main songwriter Rob Oorthuis commented on his vision about the authenticity, core and strength of the new album :

"Contra Rationem is an adversive record in the broadest sense of the word. It lacks all the ethics of contemporary productions. Leaving only the dynamic range of decay and rats exploring your skeleton. Through the rattle of bones...One might even hear flesh on instruments. We keep our death metal under-produced. All songs were nailed with conviction, without hesitation, in one take. Guided only by tongues of fire descending upon our heads. Uncorrected. As real as we are not."

Thou Shalt Bleed for the Lord thy God
Crown of Bones
Feast of the Cross
Judas Among Twelve
The Will of the Torch
Sin Upon Man
Damnatio Memoriae

SARCOFAGO's Legendary Debut Album Inri Inducted Into The Decibel Magazine Hall Of Fame

December 20, 2012 - Greyhaze Records is proud to announce that on the January issue of Decibel Magazine (currently available) the seminal Black/Death/Thrash band Sarcófago was inducted into the magazine's Hall of Fame for their infamous 1987 release INRI. The seven-page interview delves deeply into the band's blasphemous history and gives a rare glimpse into the inner workings of this immensely influential Brazilian extreme metal outfit. The Decibel Hall of Fame induction coincides with that album's 25th anniversary.

Conducted by Decibel scribe Chris Dick, the interview includes detailed accounts that actually were missing links into the whole fabric of the original aesthetics and sound of Black and Death Metal including the origins of the blast-beat itself, explained by the band's drummer, DD Crazy. The interview also provides an inside look into one of the most legendary Metal scenes in the world: that of the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, which not only spawned this month's inductees, but also Metal titans Sepultura as well as a slew of bands that are today counted as integral parts in the beginnings of extreme Black and Death Metal.

All four original members of Sarcófago (Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier, Gerald "incubus" Minelli, Zeder "Butcher" and Eduardo "DD Crazy" give their point of view on all aspects surrounding the recording of INRI. There is no shortage of high alcohol consumption, total debauchery, fist-fights, and unrelenting anti-religious angst.

The story also features statements by Fenriz (Darkthrone), Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates), and Matt Harvey (Exhumed) recounting their experience and praise for Sarcófago's INRI.

INRI was originally released by classic underground label Cogumelo Records in 1987 and is today available in North America via Greyhaze Records under official license. It can be picked up in the link below:    

To read the full interview, pick up a copy of Decibel magazine in the link below:

Sticky Boys - This Is Rock 'n Roll

While listening to a lot of metal lately it's nice to get some rock 'n roll.
It's a while since Iv'e got a decent rock 'n roll album,but here we are.

The frenchmen Sticky Boys delivers very simple and 'easy to like' rock 'n roll the traditional way.
At first I have to say that many will say that this is just another AC/DC clone,because it sounds very much like them,but despite the fact and give this album a chance.
To me this becomes a feel good album,perfect music to start the party with or just enjoy at your own while playing air guitar.

The tracks are very memorable after only a few listens not a surprise since you've probably heard the riffs many times before.

Armed with good melodies,great riffs,stunning solo's a sixpack n' some bitches this can't go wrong.
The production is very good & the band knows how to play ,so no need to go further into that.

Just listen to tracks like 'Girls In The City' & 'The Way To Rock 'n Roll' and you'll know what I mean.
This is an album that for sure will be played more here,as I like it, but people looking for something new will be disappointed as all the riffs has been played before and there's nothing groundbreaking here.

But as said,I like it and couldn't care less if people see this as a 'rip off' or 'clone' I'm sure the band are aware of that themselves,so fuck that go buy some beer,invite the nearest chick and have yourself one hell of a party!


Genre: Hard Rock

Alex Kourelis – rhythm & lead guitars, lead vocals
JB Chesnot – bass, backing vocals
Tom Bullot – drums, backing vocals

Track Listing:

1.    This Is Rock’n'Roll (intro)
2.    Rock’n'Roll Nation
3.    Bang That Head
4.    Great Big Dynamite
5.    Girls In The City
6.    Big Thrill
7.    Miss Saturday Night
8.    The World Don’t Go Round
9.    Night Rocker
10.    Fat Boy Charlie
11.    The Way To Rock’n'Roll


Label: Listenable Records

Nepente - Suffering Is The Seed Release Video

NEPENTE Release Video For “Suffering is the Seed”

Colombian death/black metal assassins NEPENTE have released a video for the title track to their forthcoming album Suffering is the Seed.
The album is due out soon on In the meantime, soak in the visual sickness here:

Savage and unforgiving, yet smartly composed for maximum memory retention, Suffering is the Seed is not only NEPENTE’s finest offering to date; it further solidifies a proud tradition of South American extreme metal. Mixed and mastered at Poland’s legendary Hertz Recording Studio (VADER, HATE, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, etc),

Master - Let's Start A War

The old veterans Master re-released an  album this year.
I have never really been into Master ,but I gave this a good couple of listens,
and it's been on my player for a while.
But all in all this becomes to boring on the long run for my taste,it's not bad,
it's just not what I look for and I'm not really the one to tell as iv''e never listened to 'em.
There are some cool aspects about this album and it varies alot,form metal to blues.
So I'm sure someone will appreciate it.   
You be the judge...


Deus Otiosus- Godless

Deus Otiosus

This is a record Iv'e listened to alot since I got it.
It's a intense dark & majestic album with all the right ingredients.
Very riiff & rythm oriented guitars soundig a bit 'thrashy' along with some spledid tunes that take you away especially when the volume up.
The album buils nicely with great hooks & brutality but still very easy to listen thrash/death elements,
Will for sure get yor head banging.



Bunker 2013 - Oslo,Norway

Neseblod will once again invite you to Grünerløkka and Parkteatret in august. 22-24 August, 2013!

Thursday August 22:

Friday 23: TBA

Saturday 24: TBA


Daytickets will be released November 12.

The second edition will last for 3 days! 14 artists and 1 DJ!

We can also announce that DJ FENRIZ will be behind the decks at BUNKER II festival, playing all the songs you love, and hate!

BUNKER are proud to announce the 5th band for the festival! This band is no other than the legendary holy terrorists, INTEGRITY! Fronted by Dwid Hellion, INTEGRITY has a big following all over the world and are alone in their take on brutal, punk influenced, apocalyptic metal. Selling out 2 shows in 2 days in 2011, this band will finally appear in Oslo again to play the BUNKER II festival.


Like our facebookpage for the latest updates:

Hope to see all of you again in 2013!
Remember :


ION VEIN - IV v2.0

Mortal Music is pleased to announce that Chicago-based metallers " is the next release in its DR (digital release) series. Commented the band: “We’re ecstatic to present this next “chapter” of songs to you, as we feel it will further help you to see and understand the vision and direction that we have for ION VEIN so enjoy!”  

Mortal Music 
Release: 11 December 2012
Scott Featherstone - Lead Vocals

Tracklist :
2.Fools Parade
3.This Is Me

A wise person oce said " The only constant in this world is change", and after releasing two albums 'Beyond Tomorrow' and 'Reigning Memories' they were face with some of the biggest change in their career ... The search for a new vocalist.
Mostly because of the new material they eventually realised they needed a new one and the original Russ Klimczak was replaced by Scott Featherstone. 

After that and some other replacements and some minor issues "IV" was back stronger than ever!

As for now ION VEIN will only release chapters digitally to introduce you to their music,but there will be a full lenght in the future for those who still collect records.

I have no doubt about this guys and their job as musicians, and let's not forget quality music!
What's not to like about this release... It's classic heavy metal combined with thrashy guitars.
It's impossible to not get nostalgic when listening to this as this brings back memories from the glorious days of the 80's when pure traditional heavy metal & thrash was on top.

The tracks on "IV v2.0" surely manage to amuse my ears and impress with catchy hooks & splendid riffs and overall guitarwork.
The drums are very variated and focus alot on rythm whitch makes my head move along.
The two first tracks is more fast forward while they on the third track show a more 'soft' side with a more melodic approach and the vocalist do a great job here.
The last track on this is my personal favorite and I hope to hear more in the same veins as it sounds very dynamic and 'alive'
The music itself is very dynamic compared other releases today,but there's probably a reason why the band call it 'Live in The Studio'.

I have to admit that after only listening trough this 3-4 times I want more,and luckily there is more on the way. 

The band says this release and v1.0 is released to help you see and understand what vision and direction they have for ION VEIN.
And they are surely on the right path in my ear.

Because that's what  Chicago-based metallers ION VEIN is all about.
The songs were produced/engineered and mixed by Neil Kernon (NILE, NEVERMORE, QUEENSRŸCHE, REDEMPTION), who also contributed the main guitar solo in Seemless, and mastered by Alan Douches, both of whom worked on the “IV v1.0” release as well.

Highly Recommended! 

Official Youtube Channel 
Official Homepage
Mortal Music FB 

Masteriis - Dødsdom EP

Masteriis was formed late 2009, by Ramnsvarturh(Vocals) and Morphanus(Guitars/Bass). Drums by Masteriis.Ramnsvarturh usually do the lyrics, while Morphanus make all the riffs. They work out the final results together.
The members have been active in various bands since the mid 90's.


This two-piece band was unknown to me until I got in contact with one of the band members who sent me the 4 track EP 'Dødsdom' witch is cold and harsh 'in your face' black metal.
But they do leave room for more calm and atmospheric parts at times witch is good or else this could easily become boring very fast.
Even though it's nothing original,I have to admit I like this band as they deliver good black metal blended with with some nice acoustic guitars on some of the tracks.
Most of the lyrics are in Norwegian and suits the music well.
The overall impression is good as they manage to make cold and well played black metal in the traditional Norwegian style.
That being said,I have to say that at times it reminds me of things I've heard before,but with so many bands today,that's not necessarily a negative thing.

Masteriis deliver 4 tracks that stand on their own feet and speak for themselves,and as I listen the music reveals more for each listen.
A bit more variation wouldn't hurt though,but besides that a descent EP.

Well worth checking out.

Masteriis FB

December updates

NECROCURSE Reveal Grip of the Dead Album Artwork & Tracklisting;
New Track Streaming

Swedish morbid Death Metal rebels NECROCURSE have titled their upcoming debut full-length effort Grip of the Dead.

Grip of the Dead contains eleven tracks of uncompromising and haunting Death Metal in the true spirit of the ancient dark Heavy Metal attitude. The vinyl version will include re-recorded version of the track "Souls Of A Thousand Funerals," from the Shape of Death MCD, as an additional bonus track

Grip of the Dead is scheduled for an early 2013 release on Pulverised Records. The vinyl version for Grip of the Dead will be a joint collaboration between Blood Harvest Records and To The Death Records.

Album track "Rotten In The Dark" is now streaming here:

1) Preludium Of Devastation
2) Necrocurse
3) Rotten In The Dark
4) The Devil Cobra
5) Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)
6) Death Metal Rebels
7) Morbid Maniacs
8) Speed To The Grave
9) Grip Of The Dead
10) Coffin Breakers
11) Infernal Rebellion


Hellbutcher - Vocals
Rotting Vomitor - Electric Guitar
Mörda - Electric Guitar
Basstard - Bassphemy
Terror - Drums

Anger As Art Hubris Inc.
Old School Metal Records Release: 5 February 2013
Ironclad Thrash Metallers ANGER AS ART have announced that new album Hubris Inc. will
be released on February 5th, 2013 on Old School Metal Records. ANGER OF ART founder
and Veteran of the Metal Wars Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, Tactics, Bitch, Dreams of
Damnation, Pagan War Machine) states that the band’s fourth album, which follows the wellreceived
Disfigure, offers the kind of vicious, memorably penned thrash/speed metal that fans
have come to expect without simply retracing the steps taken on previous albums.

Adding to the album’s immense appeal is a range of special guest appearances. “Rage and
Retribution” features Betsy Bitch on vocals, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) on lead guitar and
Timothy Gaines (Stryper) on bass. Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) contributes backing vocals on “The
Evil You Create.” And last but certainly not least, “Speed Kills,” which features Mark Caro
(Abattoir) on lead guitar, was actually written for Abattoir back in 1984 and is performed by
all Abattoir members. It’s the last opportunity to ever hear a new Abattoir song! Hubris Inc.
is a 14-song juggernaut of rage, frustration, and devastating Thrash Metal!

SVART CROWN Enter Studio

French death/black metal band SVARTCROWN has entered St Marthe studio (Kickback, Hangman's Chair, Arkhon Infautus) to begin the recording process for the band's forthcoming third full-length album.

Studio footage of the band in action has been posted at this location.   

The as-of-yet-untitled album is set for a Fall 2013 release on Listenable Records.

Over the two years since SVART CROWN's last effort, Witnessing the Fall, was released, the band has earned a roaring response from fans and the media. The band has recently shared stages with Shining, Enthroned, Melechesh , Ulcerate , Septic Flesh  and more across Europe and North America.

Watch SVARTCROWN's video for "Into a Demential Sea"  from Witnessing the Fall here

SVART CROWN - Witnessing the Fall . CD/TS pack / vinyl available from :

JB LEBAIL: Vocals/Guitar
L.VEYSSIERE: Bass guitar
N.MULLER: Drums  

UVIKRA Signs With badGod Music

Lithuanian progressive black/death metal act UVIKRA has signed with badGod Music.

Founded in September 2009, Uvikra is a one man black/death metal project hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania. The single and singular member (Loikav), has created an unorthodox sound.  While brutal and grisly in its rawness, this sound is tempered with a subtle progressive element.  Unnaturally glottal vocals add to the unworldly feel while lamenting the futility of earthly existence.

Uvikra has three releases to its credit. The first was the self-titled full-length released September 23, 2010. An EP, Patterns of Life, was released April 9 2011. Both of these releases are available for free download on Uvikra's Bandcamp site.

The most recent material, gathered together in the form of the full-length Bi, was originally released November 15,  2011. Currently available as a digital download on both the Uvikra and badGod music Bandcamp pages, it will see a proper physical release in early 2013.

Cover Art & Praise for Bi

"Muddled as it is, you can hear a unique sound taking shape on Bi, a wobbly, shape-shifting black metal full of dripping "tall" harmonies and hypnotic repetition, chromatic death metal guitars and bizarre free-form breaks. At times, Bi's circular riff patterns remind me of Demilich; at others, his odd harmonies and unhinged vocals recall Bergraven."
- Metalsucks

"The progressions on this record could not possibly have been conceived by a normal mind. I don't think a black metal [release]has evoked this sincere of a response from me ever. This is utterly bizarre and, by all accounts, brilliant." 5/5 - Northern Isolation

Loikav: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

UVIKRA on Facebook

FDA Rekotz To Release SULPHUR AEON Debut On December 28th

FDA Rekotz is set to release the debut album from Germany's SULPHUR AEON,entitled Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide, on CD on December 28th.

With their widely-praised 2011 demo Sulphur Psalms (which was named demo of the month by Rock Hard Magazine) and the two-song EP Deep Down They Sleep, the German slaughter brigade hammered a sign in the international Death Metal scene. Be prepared for 11 tracks of pure classic brutal but melodic Death Metal carnage in the vein of DISSECTION, CHARON, HATESPAWN or BEHEMOTH.

The LP version will be released by IMPERIUM PRODUCTIONS on the same day !!

FDA Rekotz has posted the track "Inexorable Spirits" at

Cthulhu Rites
Inexorable Spirits  
The Devil's Gorge  
Where Black Ships Sail
Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide
From the Stars to the Sea
Those Who Dwell in Stellar Void
Beneath. Below. Beyond. Above

Happy Fuckin' Christmas Contest

By the end of the month we'll announce our top albums of the year.
The contest is quite simple,the only thing you have to do is name your top 10 albums of 2012.
Send a mail to Scullfucker with your favorites this year or post 'em on our Facebook page!
But the easiest way to do it is to post it below here in the comments box...
We will pick a random winner who will recieve a 'christmas package' from us! 


Abyss Records - End Of Year Report


End of Year Report
2012 has been another productive year for ABYSS RECORDS. Over the past year we have released some of the best METAL that the underground has to offer and have more set to be released through out 2013. With the addition of new bands to the roster like ANGIST, THE HORDE, ASTROPHOBOS, DEAD AWAKEN and MESOPOTAMIA and releases from returning artists THOUSAND YEAR WAR, SEPTEKH and ANGREPP we are sure that 2013 will surpass what we have achieved in 2012... We would like to take this time to say thank you to all the bands, zines, labels, etc. that we have worked with over the past year and to all that have shown there support for

Abyss Records
2012 Arsenal of Releases
"A Celebration of Death" CD
Norweigian Pioneers in Blending Black and Death Metal have Returned from the Grave and are MoreSinister, Gloomy and Old Felt then ever Before. This is FESTER as You've Come to Know Them:
Cold as Ice and Mean as Hell!
(Classic Black / Death Metal)

FESTER (Norway) - The Black Tower (Video)
FESTER (Norway) - The Black Tower (Video)
"Masters of Hate" CD / 12" LP
This Years Most Extreme Metal Release. It's Mean, Aggressive, Hateful and Full on Extreme. As Deadly as it Gets and the Album Shows a Unique Way of Playing Extreme Music.
This is Extreme Metal...
Recorded & Mastered by Sverker Widgren @ Necromorbus Studios (Sweden).
(Extreme Metal)
DESULTOR (Sweden) - Black Monday (Promo Video)
DESULTOR (Sweden) - Black Monday (Promo Video)
"Against All Odds" CD
Epic Irish Black Metal, With Strong Lyrical Content Tapping into the Concepts of Paganism, Heritage and War. Delivering Huge Emotional Atmosphere Ranging from Uplifting Melodies and Powerful Anthems to Unrelentingly Forceful Riffing.
(Epic Black Metal)

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Irelend) - Shadow of the Wolf (Promo Video)
ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Irelend) - Shadow of the Wolf (Promo Video)
"Holy Wrath" CD
Latvia's Diseim Brings You Their Own Brand of Old School Sludge / Doom Death Metal Mixing Elements of Doom and Thrash into Their Music and Preaching of Death, Destruction, Human Lies and Foolishness in Their Lyrics.
(Old School Sludge / Death Metal)

DISEIM (Latvia) - Insanity (Promo Video)
DISEIM (Latvia) - Insanity (Promo Video)
"The Seth Avalanche" CD EP
Six Tracks of Pure Catchy Death 'n' Roll / Thrashing Metal Fast, Raucous and Spitting Venom from the Off. The Seth Avalanche is a Thrash Album with a Little Black Metal and Punk Influences Thrown in for Good Measure.
(Thrashing / Death 'n' Roll)

Shoot Them All - SEPTEKH
Shoot Them All - SEPTEKH
"Odd Ethics" CD EP
Italian Death Metal Band Humangled Return With Their Follow up to "Fractal" (2010). Unconventional Death 'n' Roll, Like Human Beings Butchered & Cooked in an Italian Way. Mixed and Mastered by
Dan Swanö (platinum awarded producer).
(Old School Technical Death Metal)

"Stillbirth" CD
Fueled with Hatred Against the Current State of Brutal Music, Fetus Stench is here to Bring the Death Back Into Death Metal. Features Members of Blood Red Throne, Slaughterous,
The Law / Inferior and ACDS.
(Brutal Death Metal)

FETUS STENCH (Sweden) - Stillborn Son (Promo Video)
FETUS STENCH (Sweden) - Stillborn Son (Promo Video)
"Reflections of a Psychotic Past" CD
A View Into the Psychotic Mind First Studio Recording in 20 years. Includes Remastered Version of Their 1990 EP,
 "The Other Me - A Journey Into Insanity"
(Death Metal / Grindcore)

RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) - Tripping in the Seas of Madness (Promo Video)
RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) - Tripping in the Seas of Madness (Promo Video)
"Compositions of Flesh" CD
Pure Crushing Insanity and Horror Obsessed Monstrosity.
 Thirteen Tracks of Pure Swedish Death Metal With
Old School Flavor and a Fairly Modern Sound That
 Makes You Enjoy Every Detail With Clarity and Cleanliness.
(Old School Death Metal)

CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) - Awesome Nuclear Power (Promo Video)
CORROSIVE CARCASS (Sweden) - Awesome Nuclear Power (Promo Video)
"Death's Crown" CD
Early 90's Style of American Death Metal. Get Your Ears Ready to Bleed Out the Silly Modern Death Metal Records From Your
 Head and Replace Them With Real and
Experienced Classic Death Metal Riffs. Features
Allen West (ex- Obituary, ex- Six Feet Under) on Lead Guitar.
(Classic Old School Death Metal)

SOUTHWICKED (U.S./Europe) - Craving for Blood (Promo Video)
SOUTHWICKED (U.S./Europe) - Craving for Blood (Promo Video)
"Rock 'N' Rott" CD
A Putrid Mix of Rock, Death Metal, Zombies, Other Horror Themes and Some Really Black Humor. Many Rock and Metal Elements with Low Growling Verses and Melodic and Very Catchy Choruses.
This is Very Unique and Appealing to Many Different Tastes.
(Rock 'n' Rott)

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) - Take a Whiskey (Promo Video)
ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) - Take a Whiskey (Promo Video)
"It All Fades" CD EP
New EP includes 5 new songs of Doom / Death Metal, plus an acoustic cover of Darkthrone's "Transilvanian Hunger". Over 30 minutes in length; follow up to their
2011 debut album "The System of Nature".
(Doom / Death Metal)

THE GARDNERZ (Sweden) - Erasing Bad Specimen (Promo Video)
THE GARDNERZ (Sweden) - Erasing Bad Specimen (Promo Video)
"In the Grip of Chaos" CD
Erupted's musical style is based on Old School Death Metal with modern elements & a progressive touch, as well as a philosophical and occult lyrical theme,
features eight new studio tracks & two tracks taken
from the "Faces of Death"Demo.
(Brutal Death Metal)

ERUPTED (Sweden) - In the Grip of Chaos (Promo Video)
ERUPTED (Sweden) - In the Grip of Chaos (Promo Video)
"Deadwork" CD
Daemonicus brings early to mid nineties Swedish Death Metal into the modern age, with their new full length album on Abyss Records they have captured the BEST sounds from the past and made it their own to create a metal masterpiece.
(Melodic Death Metal)

Daemonicus - Nothing but death
Daemonicus - Nothing but death 
"The Acausal Fire" DIGI CD
Bane returns with 10 tracks, including a Bonus Dissection cover; a faster and more crushing production, mixing Black & Death Metal and a melodic edge to create a fresh, brutal and aggressive sound.
(Melodic Black / Death Metal)  
"...the Awakening" CD
Re-issue of Out Of Print Debut features All new lay out, artwork by Fantasy artist Ken Kelly (Conan the Barbarian, Kiss, Rainbow, Manowar), & bonus track available on CD for the first time ever.
(Traditional Doom / Heavy Metal)

THE GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) - Broken on the Wheel (Promo Video)
THE GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) - Broken on the Wheel (Promo Video)



25% OFF all Abyss Records CD
releases & 10% OFF all other
Abyss related vinyl & merchandise
till end of 2012 !!!

Coming to
Abyss Records 2013

"Where Blood Turns Dripping Red" CD - Debut Full Length
(Death Metal)

"Doom Rides These Mountains"
CD EP - 2nd Release

(Melodic Death Metal)

"Party in Hell"
DIGI CD - 2nd Full Length

(Black / Thrash Metal)

"Apollonian Eyes"
CD EP - 2nd Release

(Thrashing / Death 'n' Roll)

"Title TBA"
CD - Debut Full Length

(Extreme Death Metal)

"Title TBA"
CD - Debut Full Length

(Melodic Black Metal)

"Title TBA"
CD - Debut Full Length

(Black / Extreme Metal)

"Title TBA"
CD - 2nd Full Length

(Viking / Thrash Metal)

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