Patria - Nihil Est Monastica

CD Drakkar Productions  2013

Release: 13 March 2013

After listening to a couple of albums I received lately it seems like raw traditional oldschool black metal is on it's way back.

Patria is a band I've listened to lately and I have to say that even though there has been alot of this style lately and I enjoy it.. Some of it that is.
Patria started up in 2008 and released a demo the same year and a single some years ago.
But for me this is the first time I listen to the band.

While it starts spinning it's quite predictable what's to come after the 'majestic' intro.
I have to say I'm quite impressed with this album thinking about this is such raw and traditional black metal from a band hailing from South America and I have to agree with a colleague of mine that they have really pushed the boundaries to the limits with this album.

Even though there has been tons of bands playing this style not all succeed.
This is black metal in it's purest form with a grim & raw atmosphere combined with catchy riffs and luckily they don't use 200 bpm blastbeats all the way. And rather leave room for some very good riffs & tempo changes.

At times very simple & melancholic but nicely performed and with 'Nihil Est Monastica' they have delivered an album that I think will be worshipped by many, especially people into raw black metal as this album pretty much has all the ingredients one want from this style and they managed to mix 'em right!
The last track 'Black Vomit' is a Sarcofago cover from their infamous album I.N.R.I. a good cover,but personally I prefer the originals.

Highlights :

'Conquering Death's Palace'

'Sacro Vale Dos Encantos'

Absolutely worth a listen!




01. Nihil Est Monastica
02. Conquering Death’s Palace
03. Dark Cosmic Legend
04. Nyctophilia
05. Ravens Almighty
06. Altar
07. Sacro Vale Dos Encantos
08. Ascendent Of Darkness
09. Evoking The Ancient Spirits
10. Storm Before Eternity
11. Till Death
12. The Silence Of The Thrones
13. Black Vomit [Sarcófago Cover]

Triumphsword - Vocals

Mantus - Guitars, Bass, Drums

MORGENGRAU to Release Extrinsic Pathway April 2nd

Texas Death Metallers MORGENGRAU to Release Extrinsic Pathway April 2nd

Extrinsic Pathway from Traditional Death Metal foursome MORGENGRAU will be released Tuesday April 2, 2013 through Blind God Records.

The debut effort from the Austin band features eight tracks of classic death metal in the vein of PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, and IMMOLATION. In other words, Death metal in the early 90s style! Yeah, MORGENGRAU are the real deal, folks. Extrinsic Pathway explores the left hand path, atrocities and suffering. No politicizing, proselytizing or preaching - just head banging, double bass and catchy riffs. In the words of the band: "We play, you fuck yourself up in the pit. Simple."
Extrinsic Pathway will be available direct from the band via BandCamp, as well as through CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3 and Rhapsody. The album was recorded at Amplitude Media in Austin, TX and mixed/mastered at Endarker Studio, Sweden by Magnus (Devo) Andersson of MARDUK.

Album cut "Antithetical" is streaming at this location.
MORGENGRAU will make their NYC debut at the Martyrdoom Fest on Friday, June 28. For details and ticket info visit

Extrinsic Pathway
The White Death
Inner Self
Choking Grove
Grave of Lies
Chemosh Enlighten
Polymorphic Communion

Contact for press inquiries and coverage plans.

Come walk the Extrinsic Pathway with MORGENGRAU. Hailing from Austin, Texas, MORGENGRAU is dedicated to the craft of classic death metal. Since their inception in 2010, they have established themselves as a formidable live act, garnering particular attention due to being fronted by former IGNITOR front woman, Erika (Tandy) Morgengrau, and ex-MANIFESTATION drummer, Reba Carls. Both women are well known in the Texas scene for their fierce performances, with Erika having fronted several other well-known bands of various genres, including AUTUMN TEARS. The band focuses conceptually on death worship in all its forms: war, occultism, and horror.

Erika Morgengrau - Guitar and vox
Reba Carls - Drums
Nick Norris - Guitar
Jacob Holmes - Bass

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE - Behold Almighty Doctrine - Album Streaming

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE - Behold Almighty Doctrine Out Now;
Full Album Stream Online at Zero Tolerance Magazine

Behold Almighty Doctrine, the face-melting third full-length from USDM powerhouse LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, is out now on Unique Leader Records.

The five years that have passed since The Age of Miracles has seen the South Carolina brutalists grow into a more technical, calculating and destructive force. Behold Almighty Doctrine is pure death metal dominance. Allow the album to rattle your skull with this exclusive stream from the folks at Zero Tolerance Magazine. Listen at this location.
The long awaited follow up to 2008's The Age of Miracles has Passed raises the band's already considerable game yet again. The band's technically accomplished musicianship and skillfully concise songwriting fuse without seam to make what will surely be considered one of the year's most lethal displays of U.S. Death Metal firepower. Ethan Lane and founding member Kreishloff are responsible for six-string sorcery; James O'Neal (Apotheosys, Atrocious Abnormality) and Alex Lancia (Annthennath) low-end tremors and rhythmic battery, respectively; and Chris Lollis (ex-Nile) hell-spawned roars of the possessed. The short of it? Bones will crack and blood will flow.

"The album is a testament to the bands progression to created complex, brutal, diverse and highly talented death metal. The album is bound to make big waves in the death metal world and will be hard to top." - Artemortfica 

"If you're looking for a disc that you can literally file under the word "extreme" in the dictionary, this will be that "take no prisoners, shoot them all in the fucking head" album that you'd be sure to find listed. Definitely not one to pass up, if you're looking for the heaviest of the heavy." - The Grim Tower

Since their debut in 1997, Lecherous Nocturne have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide metal scene, landing a deal with Unique Leader Records on the strength of their self-titled EP and their desire to expand the already-extreme boundaries of thrash, black, and death metal. Powered by the dense, interlocking riffs of guitarists Kreishloff and Ethan Lane, Lecherous Nocturne strips their metal right down to the bloody bones.
Extravagant luxuries like mid tempo breaks hi-tech studio shenanigans conventional song structures and even guitar solos are all unnecessary in Lecherous Nocturnes world. Their music is an unrelenting firestorm of grinding double-picked guitars, Alex Lancias powerful machine-gun drumming, and massive low-end rumble courtesy of bassist James O'Neal, the intensity here is way over-the-top, Chris Lollis "band's original Guitarist" now at the helm providing a venomous vocal dirge accenting the bands fury, super-concentrated and highly disciplined bursts of bile.
Their last full-length album The Age of Miracles has Passed delivers a killing stroke and then slips away before you even have a chance to brace yourself. Lecherous Nocturne are poised to take the Metal world by storm. After the success of  The Age of Miracles has Passed on Unique Leader Records and an extensive tour history, blackened death metal juggernauts Lecherous Nocturne are set to bring forth their highly anticipated release Behold Almighty Doctrine. A ferocious firestorm of controlled chaos sure to satiate fans of the genre, street date for the release is set for March 19th, 2013.

Alex Lancia-Drums
Chris Lollis-Vocals
Ethan Lane-Guitars
James O'Neal-Bass

ACHERON Enter Studio To Record New Album

ACHERON Enter Studio To Record New Album

Ohio blackened death metal vets ACHERON will enter the studio next month to begin the recording process for Kult Des Hasses, the follow up to 2009's The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God. The band has also announced that guitarist Ricktor Ravensbruck (WOLFPACK 44, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, WOLFEN SOCIETY) will be a special guest to add some of his lead guitar work to the album.

Band founder Vincent Crowley commented, "Things have been going very well in the ACHERON camp. We plan to hit the studio and start recording on April 12th. We are all very pleased with the songs and know our fans will enjoy 'Kult Des Hasses. We have also hired artist Timo Wuerz to do the artwork for the new album. I promise all of you that this album is going to be pure old school Satanic underground music! Ave Satanas!"

The tracklisting for Kult Des Hasses is as follows:

Daemonum Lux
Satan Hold Dominion
Raptured to Divine Perversion
Jesus Wept
Thy Father Suicide
Misanthropic Race 
Whores and Harlots 
Asphyxiation (Hands of God) 
Concubina Do Diabo 
Devil's Black Blood

Video footage of ACHERON playing "Fuck the Ways of Christ" live at Neurotic Death Fest 2012 has been posted at this location.
Kult Des Hasses has been slated for a Spring 2013 release via Listenable Records.  

Vincent Crowley - bass, vocals
Kyle Severn - drums
Art Taylor - Guitar


George Lynch Launches Fundraising Campaign For Documentary Film - "Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky

George Lynch Launches Fundraising Campaign For Documentary Film -
"Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky
Rock legend George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Mark Mclaughlin are currently working together on "Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky," a stirring documentary that explores a hybrid way of life merging modern society with the ancient practices of people who have lived in harmony with the land for thousands of years; native American Indians.

The film follows Lynch and drummer/activist/artist Vincent Nicastro as they visit different reservations around the American Southwest with a trailer full of gear and group of musicians to get a firsthand look at effects of modern consumerism on our native population and the steps they're taking towards sustainability.

While the documentary is nearly complete, the filmmakers are now seeking help in seeing their collective vision come to fruition. In order to see "Shadowtrain" become a reality, Lynch and Mclaughlin have launched an IndieGoGo Flexible Funding campaign where contributions can be made towards the completion of the film in exchange for autographed copies of George Lynch's most recent release Legacy, guitar lessons, a signed guitar and more. To donate to the making of "Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky" visit the following link:

A trailer for the film, featuring Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine. The Nightwatchman) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), has been posted at this location

"Shadow Train: Under a Crooked Sky" Trailer  

For more clips from the film and to learn more about the message behind "Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky" and what you can do to help, visit

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty... 

"Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky" will illuminate the cost of the destruction of the Native American community; to both the indigenous population as well as to their European conquerors. The documentary will reveal the qualities inherent in indigenous people's world views that should be recognized and adopted if we all, collectively, intend to not only survive, but to find a way to live happier, more meaningful lives. While engaging a wide variety of opinions from notable activists, authors, artists, elders and shaman, politicians and government officials, clergy, teachers and everyday people, the film will reveal its message through a powerful music-driven road trip.

The journey begins as renowned guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), drummer, artist and activist Vinnie Nicastro and a musical band of politically engaged musicians climb into an old station wagon in the southwest desert. They pull a vintage horse trailer, retro-fitted to carry band equipment, solar panels, generators and camping gear.
They travel the back roads, searching for a truth that can speak to power. They visit the Apache, Navajo and Hopi reservations in Arizona, Zuni and Tewa in New Mexico, Shoshone in Nevada, Utes in Utah and Colorado and then on to the Dakotas to visit the people and places that were (and still are) the epicenter of conflict between the native peoples and their European conquerors.

The people they visit on the reservations will share how they have created sensible environmentally sustainable solutions that work in today's world. Simple and proven practices like passive solar water heaters on the Paiute reservation, active community gardens and other ideas will be explored. Then as Shadowtrain moves on to other reservations, they will help to integrate these workable procedures, pick up more ideas and carry them further.


Forbidden Records Releases New Albums From A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL and GOATCRAFT

Forbidden Records Releases New Albums From

Forbidden Records has released new albums from A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL and GOATCRAFT on CD (for $6.66) and digital formats.
Two vastly different, yet equally stellar examples of underground black metal, A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL's Gorgos Goetia and GOATCRAFT's
All for Naught are both on sale now and streaming in full at the Forbidden Records Bandcamp Page.
Visit to check out both albums and more from the Forbidden Records catalog.  Digital versions of these releases are also available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc. and other online retailers worldwide.

Download the free FORBIDDEN RECORDS digital compilation here:   

A step in a new direction for A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL, Gorgos Goetia is a staggering 72 minutes of raw and unbridled black metal magick, with no drum machines, no keyboards and minimal production values to retain the creative and improvisational style of the album. Gone are the meticulously crafted layers of guitar harmonies, replaced with primitive barre chords and haunting arpeggios. Blasting robot drum machines are cast aside as Sleepwalker's abuse of live drum dynamics dominate the recordings. The attitude is unflinching, the music unforgiving and the energy undeniably present like never before on Gorgos Goetia. Sleepwalker continues to work alone as A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL, handling all the writing, recording and production of the album exclusively.
"It's filthy black shit and you'll love it." -

"Pure raw underground sounds from the darkest corner of hell." - Artemortifica

 GOATCRAFT forged the genre of necroclassical, or dark neoclassical soundtracks that create an atmosphere of ageless beauty and melancholy violence. With All for Naught, GOATCRAFT expands into lush soundscapes that explore the themes of dark and occult music without becoming repetitive. Comprised of equal parts dark ambient, horror movie soundtrack and death metal-inspired violent piano All For Naught is music for a new millennium. Elegant melodies rise from aggressive hammering piano, and then descend into moods of bleakness and conflict. If dark ambient could be aggressive, it would want to be GOATCRAFT.

Stream All for Naught at

"Fascinating and somewhat addictive." - Ave Noctum

"By stripping dark ambient back down to its most primal element - the fingering of ivory and ebony - and doing so with high levels of skill, melancholy, and frustration, Goatcraft's All For Naught will inspire others to rely less on electronic effects and more on a deeper unearthing of arrangements that have stirred souls for hundreds - perhaps thousands - of years." - Worm Gear Zine

Tour dates & Updates

BLOODSOAKED Gearing Up For European Tour; New Demo Track Now Streaming
In a little over a week, USDM Force BLOODSOAKED will invade European soil for the Rotting In Europe 2013 Tour that will see the brutalists split skulls across Germany, Poland and The Netherlands.  
Joining BLOODSOAKED will be be Bay Area Melodic Death sextet SHORT FUSE, Dallas-based blackened death act PSYCHIATRIC REGURGITATION, Boston thrash trio BLACK MASS and Chicago death horde HATE STORM ANNIHILATION.    
 To get the European fans ready for the devastation heading their way, BLOODSOAKED has posted a brand new demo track on their Bandcamp page. Entitled "Devouring," the song is a demo version of a track from the band's forthcoming album, Devouring Abomination, due out later this year on Comatose Records. Check out the song HERE
The Rotting In Europe 2013 Tour will get underway on April 5th in Görlitz, Germany and keep the bands out for ten days of pure devastation. Dates are as follows:
April 5 - Görlitz (Ger) - Vierradenmühle
April 6 - Warsaw (Pl) - Klub Progresja
April 7 - Poznan (Pl) - Klub u Bazyla
April 8 - Amsterdam (Nl) - The Cave
April 9 - Winschoten (Nl) - Boelie's Pub
April 10 - Arnhem (Nl) - Willemeen
April 11 - Hamburg (Ger) - Bambi Galore
April 12 - Freiberg (Ger) - Train Control
April 13 - Weißenfels (Ger) - Schlosskeller
April 14 - Cottbus (Ger) - La Casa

Members of the European press located in or around any of the cities listed above are encouraged to contact for guest list and in-person interview opportunities. All bands on the tour are available and ready to tell their stories. Get in touch for promotional materials.  

For more details visit the Rotting In Europe 2013 Tour Event Page


Check out live footage of BLOODSOAKED performing at last years SWR Barroselas Metalfest in Portugal at the link below.      

Live SWR 2012

For more BLOODSOAKED videos visit

BLOODSOAKED founder Peter Hasselbrack recently took part in an interview with's Brett Stevens where he discussed Devouring Abomination, the European tour and more. Read it at this location.
BLOODSOAKED's last recorded output came in the form of The Death of Hope, released in 2011 via Comatose Music. That album, along with 2009's Sadistic Greed...Grotesque Memories are streaming in full at

Links for the Rotting In Europe 2013 support acts can be found below:


Austin, Texas soul crushers, DEAD EARTH POLITICS have announced their appearance at this year's Savage Summer Showcase on June 28th, 2013 at The Dirty Dog Bar (505 E Sixth Street 78701) in Austin. Headlining the showcase will be Housecore Recording Artists WARBEAST. SOUTHERN FRONT and REND will also appear on the bill with more acts to be announced. For updates visit the Savage Summer Showcase Event Page.

DEAD EARTH POLITICS recently accepted the award for the Austin Chronicle's Best Metal Band of 2012 at last weekend's SXSW Festival. Though gracious in their acceptance of the prestigious award, DEAD EARTH POLITICS were nonetheless proud at having beaten out nationally renowned heavy hitters like THE SWORD for the honor.  A video of the acceptance can be viewed at this location.

DEAD EARTH POLITICS burst onto the scene with the release of 2006 EP Mark The Resistance, followed by the much heralded The Weight of Poseidon full-length album in 2010.  DEAD EARTH POLITICS' sound has drawn comparisons to LAMB OF GOD, PANTERA, and IRON MAIDEN. The video for "Artistic License" from The Weight of Poseidon is now playing HERE.   

The Weight of Poseidon is streaming at   

DEAD EARTH POLITICS are currently working on material for the sophomore full-length, which is tentatively scheduled for a late 2013 release.    
Please get in touch at for digital promos of The Weight of Poseidon, as well as interview requests.
PSYCHOSOMATIC Gearing Up For Spring 2013 Tour
Sacramento, California-based crossover punk thrashers PSYCHOSOMATIC are gearing up for their Spring 2013 US tour. The tour will see PSYCHOSOMATIC playing select dates with Philly-based ultra-violent death match rock n' rollers EAT THE TURNBUCKLE before hooking up with the Jersey devils in HAMMER FIGHT for 16-dates of destruction through Texas and the East Coast. A full list of tour dates is posted below:

4/04 Sacramento CA @ Press Club **
4/05 Monterey CA @ Jose's Underground Lounge **
4/06 Los Angeles CA @ 5 Star Bar **
4/07 Santa Ana CA @ Unit B
4/08 San Diego CA @ Tower Bar
4/09 Phoenix AZ @ Old World Brewery
4/10 Tucson AZ - TBA
4/11 El Paso TX @ Love Sprout
4/12 San Antonio TX* @ Bonds 007
4/13 Austin TX* @ White Swan
4/14 Dallas TX* @ 406
4/15 Houston TX* @ White Swan
4/16 Baton Rogue LA* @ Mud and Water
4/17 Pensacola FL* @ The Handle Bar
4/18 Raleigh NC* @ Slim's
4/19 Chesapeake VA* @ Rodger's Sports Pub
4/20 Richmond VA* @ Strange Matter
4/21 Frederick MD* @ Lallo's Pizza
4/22 Baltimore MD* @ The Sidebar Tavern
4/23 Atlantic City NJ* @ Bull Shots
4/24 Providence RI* @ Dusk
4/25 Boston MA* @ OBrien's Pub
4/26 Philadelphia PA* @ JR's Bar
4/27 New York NY* - TBA
4/28 Akron OH - TBA
4/29 Columbus OH - TBA
4/30 Detroit MI - TBA
5/01 Chicago IL @ Fallout
5/02 Milwaukee WI @ Monkey Bar
5/03 Minneapolis MN @ The Medusa
5/04 Des Moines IA @ Underground Rockshop
5/05 St Louis MO @ Cusumanos
5/06 Topeka KS @ Boobie Trap
5/07 Denver CO @ 7th Circle Collective
5/08 Carbondale CO - TBA
5/09 Salt Lake City UT @ Willie's Lounge
5/10 Reno NV @ The Hideout Bar
5/11 Sacramento CA @ Blue Lamp
* - with HAMMER FIGHT (NJ)

Mothership - Mothership

Ripple Music  
Release: 12 February 2013

I did not know what to expect when it put on this one,but as the opening riff
starts with a nice 70's sounding synth effect I'm pretty convinced that it's doom anno the same decade 
we're talking about ,but as the already very catchy opening track 'Hallucination' spins I realize I'm in for a bit more,as it turns towards traditional heavy metal with some slightly influences from early Iron Maiden,especially the guitars that is.

It's obvious that these guys are heavily influenced by 70's heavy metal and surprisingly as the next track starts I get this feelgood vibe & feel like driving on the highway headed for nowhere.
Kinda like listening to ZZ Top,but these guys have surely managed to take the best from several era's and made their own brilliant mixture which is more than welcome here,this is one of this albums you just need to have in your car stereo at a sunny day just cruising & enjoying life.

The vocalist does a good job on this album alongside with the groovy baselines & riff on this splendid album.

If I had to explain it simple it a back to the future album and if people asked me what heavy metal is all about today,this is the record I would play.
As it's impossible for me to sit still to these genius riffs that makes me smile inside.

There's 8 relatively long lasting tracks & the quality of this album I would consider as long lasting,cause when you heard it once you want more.
A brilliant rock n' roll album that will will spin a lot during the spring & summertime.

Very Recommended!

Tracklist :
  • 01 Hallucination
  • 02 Cosmic Rain
  • 03 City Nights
  • 04 Angel of Death
  • 05 Win Or Lose
  • 06 Elenin
  • 07 Eagle Soars
  • 08 Lunar Master

Necrocurse Releases Grip Of Death Today!

NECROCURSE Releases Grip of the Dead Today

Grip of the Dead, the highly-anticipated debut album from Swedish morbid Death Metal rebels NECROCURSE is now available in North America via Pulverised Records.

The album is currently streaming in full at the Pulverised Records Bandcamp Page, where digital downloads are also available for purchase. Grip of the Dead is available as a Digipak CD at Vinyl treatment is coming soon courtesy of a joint collaboration between Blood Harvest Records and To The Death Records. The vinyl version will include re-recorded version of the track "Souls Of A Thousand Funerals," from theShape of Death MCD, as an additional bonus track. 

With members from Nifelheim, Swordmaster, Runemagick and Sacramentum and set in a traditional ancient Heavy Metal spirit, Grip of the Dead is a convocation of ominous Deathchaos and Blackened Thrash destruction. Together with a slab of anthemic devil-horn theatrical antics, the end result is a perfect assimilation of the legitimate NECROCURSE sound-stamp!

Grip of the Dead was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonic Train Studios with the legendary King Diamond guitar maestro Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Melechesh, Hammerfall, etc) and the stunningly nefarious artwork cover by David Herrerias (Antichrist), the Morbid Maniacs have returned and it is going to be unpleasant.

Judgement Day has arrived...

"Necrocurse have reminded me just how good this often tired, but essential style of blackness can and SHOULD be, for Grip of the Dead instantly impressed me with it's lust for metal the old way. Such a vibrant union between blunt underground intensity and a traditional metal style of melody... this album shows that the 2 styles NEED each other and empower the songwriting spark with enough fuel to grow into something memorable and worthy of a wider appreciation." - Worm Gear Zine

"Pure metal flows voraciously through bodies of these Death metal rebels."
- Artemortifica 

Hellbutcher - Vocals
Rotting Vomitor - Electric Guitar
Mörda - Electric Guitar
Basstard - Bassphemy
Terror - Drums