Goregast - Covered In Skin - Review

Goregast Covered in Skin
FDA Rekotz Release: 27 September 2013

They are back!... This time with a two track seven inch EP which is an appetizer for what will be their fourth full-lenght.

Just by looking at the cover one can tell what music this is ,or should be, and I love it.
Let's go back to the music which is classic death metal, mostly grinding mid tempo.
This is very catchy stuff indeed with good melodies and brutal vocals, everything is set for a perfect death metal night.
This is my first meeting with Goregast even though they have released 3 albums previously.
There is not much more to say about this release really other than if you like classic death metal with good variation,quality and something to bang your head to while annoying the neighbours this is it.


After the release of their third full-length album, Desechos Humanos, in 2011, GOREAST returns with the 11-minute, two-track 7” EP, Covered in Skin. The EP includes two new studio recordings, which will serve as an appetizer for their upcoming fourth offering (set for a spring 2014 release). Totally rancid, dark, intense and catchy classic death metal rotten to the bone. Mixed and mastered again by Andreas Hilbert (Golem), coverartwork by Dedy (Badic Art). GOREGAST shows an awesome example of varied and independently metal of death.

Track listing:
A01 – Covered In Skin
B02 – Mindcreeper


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