CRY EXCESS (ITA) Tour dates & Official Videos

After 8 RUSSIAN TOURS, 2 UK TOURS, 1 EUROPEAN TOUR, 1 JAPANESE TOUR, touring with bands Like KORN, VANILLA SKY, PAPA ROACH,WALLS OF JERICHO  , they're now going to make gigs all around the world! 





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SEROCS: Metal Injection Streaming New Album

**Link to the full album stream has been corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Multi-National death metal wizards SEROCS have partnered with Metal Injection for the exclusive album stream of And When the Sky Was Opened. Check it out now at

Comatose Music will release And When the Sky Was Opened on November 27. Order it here.

And When the Sky Was Opened is a technical opus that explores the psychology of war and what world conflicts do to the human mind, both as an invader and as the invaded. Following the positive feedback from their previous album, The Next, Serocs has perfected those elements to create this extreme masterpiece of controlled chaos. Not only is the album bound together by lyrical concepts, the album features a cohesive musical theme that sees all eight tracks coalesce to create a singular musical experience. Described by the band as a much more varied experience than its predecessors, the album is a double-edged sword that features some of Serocs' most technical and brutal material alongside their slowest and most crushing sections to date. And When the Sky Was Opened was mixed by Neil Kernon [Nile] and mastered by Alan Douches.

"And When The Sky Was Opened is one of the best damn death metal records of the year."
- Metal Injection 

"And the Sky was Opened is a refreshing and super impressive attempt at out-teching the tech-death vanguard."
 - Decibel

"This album hurts and it should."
 - Glacially Musical

"And When the Sky was Opened is a textbook case of how to do right by the genre."
 - Dead Rhetoric 

"These international brutal technical death metallers are back with another display of calculated carnage."
- The Grim Tower


Pathology signs to Comatose Music

Pathology signs to Comatose Music


Comatose Music proudly welcomes the return of PATHOLOGY! After bouncing between several labels  since 2010, this San Diego trio has come back home to Comatose Music for the release of their first new full length CD in nearly two years.  This as yet untitled album is currently in the final stages of the writing process and expected for a Summer 2016 release. 

Drummer and founding member Dave  Astor says, "We are very happy and excited to be working with Comatose  Music again! The label has always been a great supporter of the band through the years. They put out some of the heaviest  underground music out there and we are glad to be back on the roster. We  are currently finishing up the music and we are excited for everyone to  hear the new tunes". More updates to follow in early 2016, stay tuned!

Scott Alisoglu
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BLLIIGGHHTTED's Kosmoskampf to be released 24th of December.

Kosmoskampf, the fourth full length by Turkish Satanic Black Metal band BLLIIGGHHTTED is to be released through London-based Merdumgiriz Records on December 24th.

The audial part of the Kaoskampf project, which also includes a 16mm film, is 4 epic songs of purist black metal in its most innovative and spiritual form divide the 44-minute album. Emir’s signature bassy vocals reign over a technical chaos of his slithering hypnotic guitars and Merdumgiriz’ off the wall explosive drumming. It would be just to claim that these three musicians who have been continuously banned from every platform and circle for their shining of truth has reached their pinnacle in audial craftsmanship with this album. The music takes many forms including doom lead parts stitched together by fast and relentless black metal to strong melodic death metal marches. This album, along with its poetic lyrics of chaos myth that take its essence from the Chaoskampf theme and runs with it in the timeless self exploration and destruction of mankind that is “theology”. This raw but powerful as fuck production will be released through Merdumgiriz where Emir hand makes all the tapes, all this brings to mind the best of underground times in the 90ies. The innovation is embedded in tradition just as light is embedded into blight, this album is an epitome of doubt, hΩpe(lessness) and devotion thereof.

Formed by Ruahanathanas known for her work in VIRANESIR. BLLIIGGHHTTED is a psychodrama for exploring the history and philosophy of dark spirituality through correlations and juxtapositions of tradition and degeneration in essence and form. Current members include filmmaker-musician Emir Togrul of YAYLA and the idiosyncratic drummer Merdümgiriz. The project is releasing the fourth album through Merdumgiriz Records December 24th.

As with all his work on Merdumgiriz Records, Emir Toğrul's grand vision, each copy of Kosmoskampf CD, Tape, t-shirt and patch will be made by hand in the artisanal style. Emir paints the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, making all non-machined parts from scratch. All current and upcoming merch comes to fans direct from the hand of the creator himself.

The Metal Observer has posted an exclusive premier of the track "And Tiamat's Present Absence" at this location

  Laughing Siblings
In Absu's Absent Presence
And Tiamat's Present Absence
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PRC MUSIC is proud to announce the addition of REPLICANT's debut EP “Worthless Desires” to his 2016 schedule. Featuring current members from the technical Death Metal band DYSTROPHY, REPLICANT is morbidly heavy, brutally extreme and frighteningly dark. Musically, REPLICANT is influenced, among other things, by the craziness unleashed by NEGATIVA, HUMAN REMAINS, GORGUTS and RIPPING CORPSE.
“Worthless Desires” is including 4 songs for a total of 15 minutes and will be available on May 13 2016 in US and Canadian stores and through PRC's distribution partners worldwide.
Follow this link and stream / Share the first single entitled “Shroud”:

Keep your eyes opened for more details about REPLICANT in the weeks to come.

4ONE8 Records sampler now available for free!

Free Music? Why not! We are now offering our 4ONE8 Records Label Sampler 2016 for free!
Download it / Share it / Enjoy it NOW!

4ONE8 Records is a division of PRC MUSIC

Darkest Era - Gods & Origins 7"

Celtic metal band  DARKEST ERA are set to release a new vinyl 7" entitled Gods and Origins November 20 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Recorded between the studio session for Severance and Spring 2015,Gods and Origins is an insightful representation of the group's decade-long existence.

Gods and Origins will be released  in a Limited Edition (150) Swamp Green and Regular Black vinyl. Pre-orders will be available Oct 31 through Cruz Del Sur Music and the band's website.

The EP features new song "Elohim" and a re-recording of an early gem called "An Dagda Awakens" (renamed "An Dagda" for the 7").

Guitarist Ade Mulgrew had this to say about the re-recording of "An Dagda Awakens:"

"Since it's almost 10 years since myself and Sarah started playing guitar together, we decided to revisit one of the first songs we wrote, 'An Dagda Awakens'.  Written with the fiery energy (and perhaps naivety) of teenage metalheads making their first steps on their journey, we have breathed smoke and ashes into this old song and brought it screaming into the darkness."

Track Listing:

Side A: An Dagda
Side B: Elohim

"Darkest Era is the most unique and adventurous metal band come out of Ireland since Primordial." - Dead Rhetoric

DARKEST ERA has developed a fresh Celtic Metal sound by fusing the twin guitar driven old school heavy metal styles of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden with a signature dark and melancholic atmosphere.

The band's journey began in 2005 around the nucleus of teenage school friends Ade Mulgrew, Sarah Wieghell and vocalist Krum. The group recorded a demo under the name 'Nemesis' while still at school in mid 2006. A collection of raw, epic and twin guitar driven songs, it began to bring the young band to the attention of the European metal underground.
The group's fledgling sound continued to evolve quickly and in 2007 'Darkest Era' was born. The new name was felt to be more in keeping with the darker and more epic sound that the band's music had began to take on.

Two EP's and European festival appearances preceded the release of debut album The Last Caress of Light on Metal Blade records in early 2011 to a strong reaction from fans and press across Europe and North America.  It was included in a number that year's best album lists and was seen to stand out for its epic power and emotional honesty.  UK and European tours followed with bands during 2012 and 2013 helping to establish the band's unique dark, epic heavy metal sound.

In 2014 the band's eagerly awaited second album Severance was released via Cruz Del Sur Records. Showcasing a newfound darkness and aggression, the critical reaction surpassed that of their debut. The album again captured accolades from fans and press across Europe and the US, and claimed the 'Album of the Year' title on a number of online publications.

The 3rd Attempt 'Born in Thorns' - Review & Info

It sounds to me like a continuation of Carpathian Forest,witch isn't strange as two of the former members are on this ship.
All in all there is a few good tracks on this album, but nothing above ok, mainly 'cause it sounds like it's done without any form of passion whatsoever and the final punch never arrive as I listen.
In my opinion the the vocals ruin alot as it would be better if he had come of up with an original style.
The Bathory, epic vocals is a cool addition, it's only to bad the screamy vocals destroys it at times.
Born In Thorns could have beenj a good track without the screamy parts,or less at least.
To me the 'Nattefrost' alike vokals doesen't do it at all, the only thing that saves this album from hitting the floor is a few good riffs in between,except for that I don't find this album entertaining at all,it doesen't help that there are known musicians and former Carpathian Forest members here.
Sorry (is all I can say )  This is not an album that will spin much here.

On "Born in Thorns", The 3rd Attempt showcases the song In 2014, renowned guitarists Tchort and BloodPervertor left Carpathian Forest to set up a new band called The 3rd Attempt. Following a  series of online auditions, the duo chose Ødemark (ex-Midnattsvrede) as their vocalist, and were joined by Tybalt (Fortid, Den Saakaldte) on drums. With the lineup complete, the guitarists felt they could finally work in an environment that would re-ignite the enthusiasm and creativity they felt they had lost, and began working on the material for their first album. 
Not long after their debut concert at Blastfest in Norway, they entered Dub Studio in Oslo and recorded the album with old friend and producer Endre Kirkesola, who's known for his work on albums by Carpathian Forest,  Blood Red Throne, Green Carnation, Urgehal, Tsjuder and more. skills for which the guitarists are well known with their earlier bands, but the sound is fresh and revitalized, and the new members have also definitely made their mark on the album. The old-school Black Metal vibe is certainly there, but there's a lot of variation and different elements in the mix. And the Thrash Metal and Black'n'roll elements gives the album a great groove.
With their debut album, The 3rd Attempt have produced a unique take on the classic Black Metal sound, and with a tour with Taake in the autumn, this is a band that will prove a force to be reckoned with.

Dark Essence Records Released: 25 September 2015


1. Torment Nation

2. Dark Vision

3. Art of Domination
4. We Defy
5. Born in Thorns
6. Beast Within
7. Sons of the Winter
8. Nekrogrammaton
9. Firestorm
10. Anti-Self

Photo credit: Jan Ove Løgevik

Lucifer's Child - The Wiccan

Dark Essence RecordsRelease: 25 September 2015
In 2013, George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, ex-Chaostar) and Stathis Ridis (Nightfall), joined forces and formed Lucifer’s Child with the aim of performing the kind of music that would serve as a spiritual introduction to the atmospheric world of a Summoning. Lucifer’s Child sets out to create a unity between the music itself and the spiritual idea behind each song that they present to their audience, and, it is that ritualistic energy, combined with the electrifying sound of Black Metal, that characterises the band’s own sound.

Aside from George Emmanuel on guitars and Stathis Ridis on bass, Lucifer’s Child’s lineup also includes Marios Dupont on vocals and Nick Vell on drums. The band’s debut album, “The Wiccan”, was recorded during the summer of 2014 in Athens, and introduces the band’s take on the classic Greek Black Metal sound. The songs are immensely heavy and mid-pace, with lots of atmosphere. There’s also a lot of variation in the songs, from the more epic and monumental tracks to the more sheer aggressive tracks.

With “The Wiccan”, Lucifer’s Child offers a grand debut of Hellenic fury!

Photo credit: Ester Segarra

1. Hors de Combat
2. A True Mayhem
3. Spirits of Amenta
4. He, who Punishes and Slays
5. King ov Hell
6. The Wiccan
7. Lucifer’s Child
8. Doom

Band website:

Chilean Groove Thrashers LEFUTRAY Release 'Oath' on Sick Bangers / Album Streaming


Chilean Groove/Thrash Metallers LEFUTRAY are proud to announce the release of their third full-length album, Oath, the first for Sick Bangers! The new record unveils a more powerful and violent side of the band. Stream the album in its entirety at this location.

Check out the official video for "The World Infected" here.

Guitarist Cristian Olivares was quoted as saying: "It is definitely an upgrade in terms of aggressiveness and speed - we are really happy with the result. I'm confident metalheads will dig it"
Order Oath from the Sick Bangers Store. The album is also available from iTunes and CD Baby.

The fabulous artwork is by renowned artist Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Arcturus). The artist had this to say about it: "The illustration which I crafted for Lefutray's album Oath is telling the story of the moribund society we are living in front of human nature. At the same is a straight message to all people out there: is time to leave all our garbage behind, all our rules, all our masks, all our standards, all our hypocrisy and all the nonsense of this illusion which we created and named "society". Is time to rediscover what we really are, no matter how painful can be the price for that, no matter how tough will be for our mind to learn a new system of values and to understand the existence of explainable which can be analyzed with the soul and instinct. Inside ourselves is the key, and the prison around needs to be eliminated. This is the story behind this front cover."

Track Listing:

1. Oath
2. The World Infected
3. Wound
4. Sounds Kill
5. Black Light
6. Minds of Horror
7. Aura
8. Mutant Mother
9. Spit on your Words
10. Amount of Dark
11. Virus


Formed in january 2005 in Santiago - Chile, LEFUTRAY is a Thrash-Groove band formed by Cristian Olivares (Guitar), Yonattan Muñoz (Drums), Juan Vejar (Vocals) and Julio Yañez(Bass Guitar).
¨LEFUTRAY¨ is a word written in Mapudungún (Mapuche language) and it means "Fast Sound"
Produced completely by Cristian Olivares, the band has released three studio albums (Frente al fin 2008, Last Breath 2011, Oath 2015), One live album (Live Oxido 2012), two Ep (Unbalance 2014, Homonimo 2007) and one DVD (Sick mosh Arica, 2014).
LEFUTRAY has played in a lot of important venues in Chile, inccluding The Metal Fest, Santiago 2014 and Merkén rock, Temuco 2013. Also, the band have made tours in Argentina 2012 and 2013, and Brazil in 2012. 

Rex Shachath Stream New EP 'Revocation Of The Blood Elect' In Full

Rex Shachath Stream New EP 'Revocation Of The Blood Elect' In Full

Today Northern Irish death metallers Rex Shachath release their latest offering, Revocation Of The Blood Elect, via French label Great Dane Records, and to mark the occasion are streaming the EP in full right here!

Tackling social issues such as the state of modern society and man's exorbitant desire for wealth at the expense of our natural world, the band have harnessed a sound more befitting to such issues in comparison to their debut release Sepulchral Torment. Old school ideals kneaded with modern death metal notions on a much more up to date and punchier production is what we have here.

What the press have said:
"Death metal with venomous attitude!" - The Metal Gods Meltdown
"...punishing rhythms and atmospheric leads..." - Ave Noctum
"Rex Shachath have harnessed musical prowess with the type of agitatory lyrics and attitudes many could learn from." - Belfast Metalheads
"Rex Shachath are a thoroughly locked in unit. Armed with an arsenal of killer ideas and riffs, displaying at times some Dying Fetus and Suffocation like groove." - Inside The Coffin
"This is pure, angry metal." - Glacially Musical
Artwork (as seen above), was completed by UK artist Godmachine famed for his work with bands such as Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, Cannibal Corpse and Job For A Cowboy to name a few. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Thompson at Sonic Forge Studio, Cardiff, Wales.

Check out the video for title track 'Revocation Of The Blood Elect'!

Track Listing
1. Atonement Through Atrocity
2. Impious Axiom
3. Revocation Of The Blood Elect
4. Within The Temple Of Disgust (Featuring Ben McCrow)
5. Colossus Rise

BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH Confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2016


Los Angeles stoner/doom metal band BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH will perform at the legendary Roadburn Festival on April 14, 2016. The festival will take place April 14-17 at the 013 venue, in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Click here for Roadburn's official B!TM announcement.

BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH released its third full-length album, Architects of the Voidon September 30Praised by for its "healthy doses of doomy riffage, pummeling heaviness, and expansive/exploratory parts that just might take you on a journey to another planet," the album is now available on CD and digital formats. Vinyl treatment for Architects of the Void is coming this December. 

Purchase Architects of the Void at

Architects of the Void follows critically acclaimed  2012 release Defender, Redeemist and
marks the debut of vocalist Jordan Nalley who took the reigns following the tragic 2013 death of Kevin McDade in a car accident. The album will also be the first for new bassist Jason "Cas" Casanova (SASQUATCH). The album artwork was created by Dusty Peterson (Bloodbath, Six Feet Under, Oceano).

Praise for Architects of the Void:

 "With elements of all good things that are heavy, the new release by Behold! The Monolith is a musical battle hammer shattering the skulls of the weak and feeble. "
The Ripple Effect

 "The Monolith deals in stoner/sludge stuff somewhat akin to High on Fire and/or Lord Dying, with song titles and artwork that would give The Sword's J.D. Cronise a hard-on."

"A sprawling metal masterpiece marked by memorable riffs, scorching leads, and intricate song structures." 
 - Vertical Chamber Apparatus

"The band play Doom mixed with Sludge, producing an album that sits outside of the normal template for both sub-genres and is all the better for it." 
Wonderbox Metal

 "Behold! The Monolith do not hesitate to blow listener's eardrums away with their new album...thunderous sounding riffs and crushing Sabbath like jams."
Rock and Metal Temple

"An excellent album. The implementation of both stoner and doom elements is executed masterfully allowing both styles to shine on their own and to weave together." 5/5
 Metal Blast

"Billy Anderson returned to man the board... 
and he's somehow achieved one of his most cohesive productions yet." 
-  Invisible Oranges


COGNITIVE Set to Record New Album

New Jersey's COGNITIVE will be hitting Full Force Studio to record its second full length album Deformity

The band will be working with 'Smoking' Joe Cincotta who has worked alongside bands such as SUFFOCATION, BODYCOUNT and INTERNAL BLEEDING. Artwork for the album will be created by renowned illustrator Par Olofsson (SPAWN OF POSSESSION, IMMOLATION, ABYSMAL DAWN, JOB FOR A COWBOY). The legendary Alan
Douches will master the upcoming album at West West Side (SEPULTURA, CONVERGE, HATEBREED). 

Following the addition of new members guitarist Harry Lannon and bassist Ian Bainbridge, COGNITIVE have forged new ground and are eager to unleash the bands new material which will present a more formidable sound and direction. The band are currently seeking a label and aiming to have the album released by March 2016.

12/5: South Jersey Metal Fest- Clementon, NJ
12/6: Blackthorn- Elmhurst, NY
For interview opportunities, contact


Orkan Livlaus Dark Essence Records

Release: 11 September 2015

Orkan - Livlaus is another interesting album one should check out as it took me in another direction than excpected.
It's mainly fastforward black metal with some similarities to Taake,mainly the song structure , this is much more intense and experimental though and at times I just think industrial black metal with a cold feel to it. 

Most of the tracks have a very intense approach and then the riffs strike and set the atmosphere. To put it simple, this is a very complex album but at the same time straight forward, ehm, that kinda depends on how you listen to it which was my point excactly!

As for me personally, listening to the whole album can become somewhat too much, but that's more of personal taste , apart from that an overall good album and I see no reason why this should go by unheard as the band are on to something of their own, slowly developing... 


Orkan’s four-man line-up was formed in 2008 by Taake’s live guitarist Gjermund Fredheim and ex-Byfrost drummer Rune Nesse. Joined by former Grimnorth bassist Sindre Hillesdal and frontman Einar Fjelldal (ex-Gravemachine), Orkan released their debut full-length album “Crimson Canvas” in 2012.

Whilst “Crimson Fields” is, as described by the band, “a self-financed, thrashy album”, Orkan have turned their musical vision in a much darker direction. They've taken the classic Norwegian Black Metal sound and incorporated influences from many other genres, to create atmospheric melodies with haunting vocals and intense blastbeats.

"Livlaus" was recorded live in the studio, there was no editing in the basic tracks. Vocals and effects were added later on. The lyrics are in Norwegian, and the whole album is based around a loose concept about a lost soul who is trying to find peace in the kingdom of the dead. The inspiration came from the forests around the home of drummer Rune Nesse, and the old sulphur mines in his hometown, Stord, on the west coast of Norway.

"Livlaus" is an uncompromising album with lots of variation, and within the Black Metal influenced sound you can hear elements from Thrash and various extreme metal. The band have recruited Hoest (Taake) and V'Gandr (Helheim) to do guest vocals on two of the tracks. With "Livlaus", Orkan shows that there's still life in the Norwegian metal underground!