BEHIND THE SUN Streaming 'Post Solis' EP in its Entirety

South Carolina Progressive Metal quartet BEHIND THE SUN have partnered with Invisible Oranges for the exclusive pre-release EP stream of Post Solis. Get some below.

BEHIND THE SUN will release Post Solis on March 10. The EP was recorded in Winston-Salem, NC with acclaimed producer Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME). Pre-order at
The musicality contained herein is defined by a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Indeed, were it not for the fact that BEHIND THE SUN has existed barely three years, one might be inclined to believe that the penetrating compositional might and impressive musicianship on display is the work of a veteran group with a decade's worth of material to its name. And yet the band's approach is a deceptively simple one: "a 4-man group working to create our own blend of metal from the music we love." Talent and a passion for one's art more often than not leads to great achievement: the case in point is BEHIND THE SUN.

"Post Solis is an excellent debut album for a band that definitely needs more attention."
-  Invisible Oranges

"A great new band. If you like prog, metal or anything in between, check these guys out."
- XS Rocks

"Fans of extreme progressive metal should give this one a listen."
- Lords of Metal

"A great mixture of melodic death, doom and  progressive  metal."
 - Doomed to Darkness

"Those who like Mastodon or Opeth should try Behind The Sun."
 - Dissecting the Euphony

"A good headbanger...with a few surprises along the way."
- Can This Even Be Called Music


Jesse Hanak - Guitar, Vocals
Nathan G. Day - Drums,Vocals
Brian Sisk - Bass
Morgan Murray - Guitar, Vocals

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