Legacy Of Emptiness - Legacy Of Emptiness

Genre: Symphonic Black/Pagan Metal
Country: Norway

This Norwegian band took me by surprise as soon as I started listening to their album witch starts out with a "John Lord" sounding intro!

They deliver solid metal with very powerful synth parties that gives me an epic/medieval feeling at times blended with great guitar solos.
The synth parts can at times remind a bit of Nightwish beautiful compositions,but besides that there is no similarities and this bands stand on their own musically.

A very uplifting album this is and the more I listen the more I like it! They have some descent ambient parts as well,just listen to "Valley Of Unrest.
Poweful & majestic compositions at it's best,the tempo varies trough the album some are slower and the faster reminds more of synth based black metal.

I have to state that I like the slower songs better,since the compositions is easier to hear on these,that beein said I cannot really find one negative aspect on the album except maybe it would be nice if they had used the clean vocal more.

Even though I've heard several attempts of trying to create what these guys do,this does not get boring at all and the sound is top notch!
So I suggest you check this album as soon as possible if you like a solid dose of athmosperic & uplifting metal,not sure if uplifting is the right word in this category,but who cares?

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Cultfinder - Black Thrashing Terror

TBR : 14 August 2012 By Eldritch Lunar Miasma

These UK thrashers stunned the underground with their demo in 2011 (now sold out)
and as soon as this record start spinning I can hear why,this is a great mix between black/thrash at it's best it's fast dirty & in your face thrash with influences form the old days.
Cultfinder is one of the best new acts I've heard for a long time in the thrash genre and I'm very eager to hear more from this killer band. Do not miss out on this excellent 3 track 7" 'cause this is what thrash metal is all about! It's hard to sit still during this record & I just love the drums & vocals on this release.
Be sure to order your copy before it's to late 'cause this is exactly what the title says Black Thrashing Terror!!
As said before I don't roll the dice,but if I did it would be 6/6 without doubt.
So just stop reading & listen to this monster instead!!

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You can now pre-order our 7” Black Thrashing Terror, released 14th August, by emailing

£6.66 will get you the exclusive 7” + woven logo patch deal, £5 for the standard 7”.

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Morbid Execution - Vulgar Darkness

The Polish death metallers is back with a new full lenght named "Vulgar Darkness"
To me this was a positive surprise as I've not heard their earlier releases.

What you get here is primtive mid-tempo death metal with a very organic sound that suits the album perfectly!
Not like the typical overproduced death metal of today with loads of blastbeats & 180 BPM tempo all the way.
It's melodic,dark,ugly & at he same time they got a very nice groove trough out the wole album.

The vocals are more harsh than growly I would say.
I get a nostalgic feeling when listening to this & that's probably because of the splendid sound on this album.
I also have to mention that this "Vulgar Darkness" probably have to most necro cover of all the albums I've reviwed.
The melodies are very catchy & simple and easy to like ,so I see no reason to not check out this album!

Patronymicon (Swe) - Prime Omega

Released 4.September 2011 on Blackcrowned Records

Don't let you be mislead by the fact that this is labeled black metal, 'cause this is so much more than the typical you hear today,this has soul & feeling,it's a great combo of brutal & epic black metal in it's own unique way & the vocals & guitars impresses me very much at times here.
The album builds up nicely with some sick & geniuos riffs slowly in the background for this is more mid-tempo,excellent blended with som raw parts with some great guitar riff & solos that does not hurt at all.
It's black metal played in the old vein,but this is not a clone or something,Patronymicon deliver their own unique blend of top notch black metal.
This is an album that grows each time I listen to it & even though it's a raw atmosphere throghout the album they manage to build great melodies & captures the listener at once I would say!
I have to admit I'd never heard of this Swedish band until Blackrowned recs sent me a copy & I'm glad they did!
If you want quality,look no further!

Blackcrowned Records